Baker Boyz

Baker Boyz
A Short film by Yorel Cairo & Tristan Wirabangsa
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LOCKLINEBake Cake, get money, don't get killed! Based on a true story about two friends baking cake to transport pills and make money!


Welcome to Baker Boyz! A short movie created by Yorel Cairo and Tristan Wirabangsa.
We decided to make this movie for the "Avond van de Almeerse film" which is the first film festival of Almere in collaboration with Cinecrowd. 

The two of us are workign together for a while now, recently on a item called Allwood for TV036, and this made us hungry for more. So when we came across this film competition, we decided to participate. 

After a short brainstorm session, Yorel opted his idea Baker Boyz, which he had written as a sketch a few years ago. The story appealed to Tristan, which has a comedic and action element to it as well as a great message to young people; "Believe in yourself and no matter hard"! So, we will see the two main characters, Giovanni and Leroy, played by Yorel Cairo and recording artist Jay Colin, as two best friends who bake cake to make a living, started as a means to pay off a debt. They used their cake business as a front to transport different kind of drugs for Selena Abrigado and her righthand girl Vanessa Barca. However, their cake business is being noticed by the ordinary folk and normal orders start to come in strong! But when a normal cake and a special cake are getting mixed up...trouble starts!


The reason why we are making this movie is to show people, and especially young people that no matter what has happened, no matter what took you down, when it comes to hard work and believing in yourself, you will be able to achieve your goals and dreams!

The other reason is that we really want to tell our own stories, instead of watching other peoples amazing stories. We have something to bring to the table, and we kick it off with Baker Boyz!

How will the money be used

The money that is being raised is meant to help us with the whole production. That means, every penny will be used to buy and or hire lighting equipment, sound recording devices, make sure our make up artist will have the faces of our actors brushed up amazingly and, maybe more important, the money will make sure that we all can eat during filming days. 
So you see, it will be put to good use so we can make a awesome short movie.

Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

Hard work will never lead you from your true path!
Yorel Cairo
This project was successfully funded on 07-09-2016