A Short film by Josscy Vallazza Aartsen
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LOCKLINEWhen Lianna travels to Indonesia to fulfil her grandfather's last wish, she is confronted with his past.


We have until Friday 9 september! Help us out to reach our goal!

We are selected for "De Avond van de Almeerse Film" and  we want to bring you a story about a topic of which not much is heard. So help us out and let's bring this film to reality.

Short Film.

Genre: Drama, Supernatural, Horror.



When Lianna's grandfather dies, she decides to grant his last wish. This brings her to a small village in central Java in Indonesia. She must now find the location described by her grandfather in order to carry out the request. However, she is plagued by inexplicable events that complicate her quest. Can she complete her journey or will she fail on the mystical and exotic island.

Lianna & her grandfather

These are the two pivotal characters in our film. The always taciturn grandfather, who has always been a some sort of mystery to Lianna. It is only after his death that she sees the chance to learn more about her grandfather. Lianna is a young Dutch woman who is adventurous. But they will have to go final to Indonesia is a surprise for her. What she will find there, however, she does not know yet.


In our opinion, little is shown and told about the period between 1945 and 1949. Indonesia proclaimed its Independence and The Netherlands was not amused to say the least.

It was a dark page in Dutch history that was kept silent in the years to come. Still, even though it is a difficult subject, it is not one that should be forgotten. We are inspired by this period to tell a story in the here and now. And despite it being fiction, the story is based on facts and deeds that have occurred during this turbulent time.



The FilmToko is not stranger to crowdfunding. Founded in 2011 and operating from Almere, we have already realized several projects. In 2013, we successfully collected more than 10,000 euros for the realization of  our short film PERJALANAN also through Cinecrowd. Just like the current project, we will be partly filmin in Almere and partly in Indonesia again. The subject and genre are completely different, but's it's a topic of which too little is told about. We hope that we can reach our goal to realize LONDO.


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Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

For years the past was like a sealed envelope. Now it will be opened.
Douwe Draaisma in Echo's van Indië (Kester Freriks)
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