De Renovatie

The Renovation
A Short film by Caspar Commijs
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LOCKLINEA sub-assertive kindergarten teacher who can't say 'no' must stand up to a boorish painter during the hellish renovation of her apartment.


Jenny is somebody who can't say 'no' to people and finds it hard to stand up for her own interests. Therefore she does anything for her neighbour and works hard to be liked by her colleagues. Jenny desires to throw a big birthday party, but her plans are thwarted by a boorish painter who is commissioned by the housing association to renovate her apartment. The painter promises the renovations will be duly finished, but he seems to do more damage than good and the proceedings take up more and more of Jenny's physical space. The renovation and the chores for her neighbour keep her so busy that she can't find the time to see to the preparations of her birthday party. What will it take for Jenny to put her foot down and stand up for herself? Will the renovations be finished in time for her party? And will this party give Jenny what she really needs?


The Maker

The story is written by Caspar Commijs (you already know him as the painter from the teaser) who will graduate this year in screenplay and directing from the University of the Arts Utrecht. 

"The inspiration for the film started with my mother. My mother is someone who always puts other people first. As a self-centered adolescent I didn't always care as much for other people's interests, so we could really be at odds with each other when this taking each others interests into account didn't come from two (my) sides. She also found it often hard to say 'no'. This putting others first and saying 'yes' to everything she also did to her own expense.

About ten years ago our family was bought out by the municipality and despite our lengthy protest we had to move. I remember the whole neighbourhood slowly became deserted and our house was one of the last inhabited recidences on our block. I think my mother was the most affected by this. While my sister and I ventured into the abandoned houses, she was grumbling at the municipality.

This gave me the idea that someone who always makes room for others, really needs a place of her own. All these elements including research to topics such as unassertiveness and inner struggle have formed the inspiration for my script. The story that has come from it is about the unassertive Jenny, whose residence is taken over by a boorish painter. It is a story about personal space, privacy, boundaries and identity."



The Arena

"One and a half years ago, when I moved out of my parental house and into an apartment in Amsterdam, I myself learned a thing or two about renovating. The ravages of time had not been good to the apartment and much work had to be done. After scratching off the first layer of wallpaper there appeared to be four more, including a layer of cork, underneath it. Some pieces were easier to remove than others. The floor was littered with torn strips of wallpaper. Likewise, I stumbled on many more problems. When you solved one thing something else always seemed to pop up from underneath it."



The scenario has been in development for over four months now and since the end of December more and more crew members are added to the project. The producer of the film, Kasper Hering, will also graduate from the University of the Arts Utrecht this year. The rest of the crew consists of students from different educations and specialists from the working field.

The resulting film will be a comedy of approximately fifteen minutes. The recordings will take place in April 2016.



With our devoted crew we will work hard during the next couple of months to realise this movie to its full potential. Such a renovation, however, is not an easy task! That's why we can use all the help we can get!

"It's a wrap" as soon as every shot is shot. Then the director will plunge into a dark cave along with the editor, sound designer and colour grader and not brush his teeth for a whole month. While enjoying an unhealthy amount frozen pizza's there they will cut, paste, laugh and cry. After this period of abstinence the director will reappear half-dead with a beauty of a film that can now be sent to billions of festivals all across the galaxy.

No, but seriously; It is our goal to show the film on het Nederlands Film Festival (the Dutch Film Festival) in 2016 and send it to other festivals like ShortCutz Amsterdam.



Did you once again spend all your mony on charity this month? Better luck next month! In the meantime you can soothe your concience by spreading the word about our fantastic film. Tell your stepmom, your cater-cousin and don't forget the neighbours cat. You can also put us in a good light on social media and thus tell the whole world about #theRenovation (sóóó hip). Before you leave this page, check out our awesome rewards. Investing in the next generation of workers could also be seen as a charity!

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Quote that inspired the maker

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
Dr. Seuss
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