Service Through Friendship

Service Through Friendship
A Documentary by Claudia Hendriks
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LOCKLINETake a look into the mysterious and worldwide network of hotelconcierges known as Les Clefs D'Or.

Do you want to eat at a Michelin star restaurant near the lake with twenty friends? Are you planning on asking your wife to marry you while flying in a helicopter above New York City? Or did you lose your baggage on your flight, but do you desperately need a Gucci suit for an important meeting? Call a Concierge!


After the succes of Wes Anderson's 'The Grand Budapest Hotel', which is about the adventures of a legendary hotel Concierge who is also part of a secret society of Hotel Concierges, here is the documentary in which reality beats fiction.

The Society of The Crossed Keys, is real.

'Les Clefs D'Or', also known as the Golden Keys, is a worldwide society of Hotel Concierges in luxury hotels who can make everything happen with their motto 'Service Through Friendship'. The society was established in 1912 and after less than a century already more than 50 countries are part of the society. Worldwide they have about 5000 members. Beneath the surface and together with each other they stand for providing excellent service to the customer. 

Did you know only the Netherlands already has over 50 Clefs D'Or Concierges?


This year, I, Claudia Hendriks (20), will graduate as a Director from the School of the Arts, Utrecht, from the education Audiovisual Media. Together with Jesse van den Broek (21), the Producer, and Tiva Pam (22), Assistant Director, also graduating this year, we are going to make the short documentary 'Service Through Friendship'.

We will follow three Concierges in different countries around the world, to portray the Concierges and to find out where their motivation lies for this profession. We want to give you a look in this mysterious society. It's more than just a profession. Being a Concierge, is a lifestyle.  


The three Concierges we plan to follow are based in Amsterdam, Paris and Moscow. So we want to go international! This is unique and will make this an awesome movie. Every Concierge has a different ambition and different function in the society. We plan to film the build up to a huge congress in Dubai. This is a yearly congress and this year, it will happen in April. More than a 1000 Concierges will come to Dubai...

We might even have plans for a very secret but well known location in the absolute heart of Amsterdam... 

Still from The Grand Budapest Hotel 


'There are two ways to look at the world. One is as though everything is normal, the second is as though everything is a miracle.' This quote from Albert Einstein is leading for our motivation for Service Through Friendship. Think about the time when you were a child, and looked at the world with sincere curiosity and admiration. The world was full of new things, everything was exciting and magical. Everything is possible, and discovering mysterious new things is an activity on a daily basis. When we grow old, this feeling slowly disappears. 

With Service Through Friendship we want to bring that miraculous feeling back.


To make this documentary we need your help. The whole crew of this film does so for free, but we also need camera gear, flight tickets, catering... The more we raise, the higher the quality of this documentary will be!

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We want to kindly remind our international friends that the rewards are excluded from shipping costs, flight tickets and hotelreservations. We keep in touch!

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Quote that inspired the maker

‘There are two ways to look at the world. One is as though everything is normal, the second is as though everything is a miracle.’
Albert Einstein
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