Suiting Up

Suiting Up
A Short film by Matt Jaems
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LOCKLINEAfter years of doing as he is told by his bully boss in this dark comic tale, gardener Karl joins forces with his colleagues to get what they deserve.


Suiting Up is a feature film about the balance of power between a self-made millionaire with Dutch roots, and his downtrodden household staff. After years of doing as he is told, gardener Karl is the first to reach breaking point. He joins forces with his colleagues, butler Edward, driver Hans, and Jean, the cook. Together they set out down a path which starts at what their master--the unbearable Mr. Van der Laen--deserves, but a series of increasingly strange developments lead them to everything that they deserve.

"People - or dogs in this case - who do not have the capacity to think, should never take matters into their own hands." - Mr. Van der Laen



A year ago we started work on the script. Now it's finished, and we joined forces with British director Matt Jaems to draw up a cunning plan: we're going to shoot a prequel and use it to pitch the full motion picture to carefully selected producers and investors.

Who are we? We're Jurren Hof and Marijn Nugteren, friends since childhood, and now young filmmakers. We'd like to introduce ourselves to you, and to others in the film industry who are going to make this film happen. Together we can show the world that the Dutch can make a decent action film, laced with dark humour.

We want to make this film because the story jumped onto the page in front of us. The characters, dialogue, funny situations and killer ending are all there - ready to come to life. But we need your help to get the picture made and to get this story out there.


Director Matt Jaems joined the project right away when we pitched it because he thought the script was, "...funny and engaging, with characters that you really want to follow. When I read the script, I thought I have to make this!". All cast and crew are working on the prequel for no fee - because they believe in the project and want to make it happen.

When you support us by getting the prequel made, you're with us for the whole journey - prequel, feature and beyond!

So where do you fit in and what can you do? Get into this project early, and help us to fund the prequel! In return, you too will be part of the magic. Can't you see yourself behind the scenes, following the action close up, as the crew breathe life, emotion and humour into this compelling story?

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Quote that inspired the maker

I heard a song ('Endless Fascination') and the striking imagery of an outhouse with a road next to it came to me. There quickly developed a story in which a working class man comes eye-to eye with a wealthy older man driving by in a Rolls Royce. Immediate and immense hatred between the two of them resulted. This story never left my head, and Suiting Up started there.
Jurren R. Hof (co-writer)
This project was successfully funded on 11-02-2016

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