De Opmars van YouTube

The Rise of YouTube
A Documentary by Jochem Gunster
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About the project
LOCKLINEThe world of YouTube, told through the eyes of an astonished filmstudent. Is this truly the end of the television era?
  • The Rise of YouTube is a short documentary by Jochem Gunster and Charlotte Spronk. Together they will graduate in 2016 from the School of the Arts, Utrecht.

Where it all started

Last summer I, Jochem, came with the idea for the documentary after watching a video of Enzo Knol on the main site of YouTube. The video looked like it was made in a few hours ​​and had more than one hundred thousand views. After some research, I learned that Enzo Knol is not the only Dutch YouTuber that is famous. There are dozens of people in the Netherlands who earn a lot of money with uploading YouTube videos. We are not talking about a bunch of teenagers who record their movies on their attics, but companies that see YouTube as the future of audiovisual media. For four years I have studied film but to my surprise, I knew nothing of this phenomenon.

Phenomenon of YouTube

While the number of page views increases immensely on YouTube, TV broadcasters are struggling to keep their viewers. How is it possible that everyone has heard about YouTube, but no one has a clear picture of what is happening on the biggest video streaming site of the world? 
I want to tell this story to the typical Dutchmen who watch daily television and, like me half a year ago, know nothing about this phenomenon.


In this documentary I want to question YouTubers as objective and sincere as possible, because there is obviously much more to it than just making 'simple' videos. What does it take from a person to produce videos every day? YouTubers grow a business expanding with different people, what does this say about my position as a filmmaker? What is it like to be a YouTuber and what do they do? What is the audience and how long are they busy making a video? Where exactly do they earn their money from?

In the documentary, I will explore the world of YouTube and perhaps answer the question: is this the end of the television era?


In the months of January / February Jochem visits several YouTubers who have achieved fame and Internet status through uploading YouTube videos.
To approach the YouTubers as objectively as possible, Charlotte ( producer ) will be in charge of all the contact with the YouTubers beforehand, so I will literally have my first impression with the YouTuber once I am there.

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Quote that inspired the maker

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
this quote from Ghandi inspired many YouTubers and the director.
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