The I in Me

The I in Me
A Short film by Ilia ten Böhmer
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About the project
LOCKLINEA short sci-fi thriller that evolves around the philosophy of personal identity and asks the question: what makes you, you?

When Noa travels with a teletransporter, it seems that it doesn't function properly. She finds out that there is an identical copy of herself walking around in the world...


In the film is teleportation the way of traveling. Hereby the body gets scanned, teleported, recreated and your old body destroyed. But when the teletransporter in Noa's case her body scans, but not destroys, arise at the same time two identical persons on two different places. The question arises: What makes you, you?

About the filmmakers

Director Ilia ten Böhmer has written and started this film. Together with editor Steffen de Back he graduates this year with this film from the University of the Arts Utrecht, Audiovisual Media. After we started, we soon hooked producer Danny van den Berg, whereupon a lot of other crew members joined our adventure.


Why I'm in my own body? Why am I myself, why am I not someone else and what makes us different?

This is a purely human question with which everyone can identify. Everyone has a mind and everyone is basically the same. But what is it that makes us individuals?

We can all identify ourselves with the existential crisis of Noa. Imagine that you suddenly find out that an exact double of you is walking around in the world. Can you believe it? What would you do in Noa's case?


(Personal)identity isn't a subject everybody thinks about. However, it is important to think about this. This existential question asks who you are and what makes you different than the 'other'. With this film, we want to lower the bar for a large population group to think about identity.

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Quote that inspired the maker

The early Buddhist view is that much or most of the misery of human life resulted from the false view of self.
Derek Parfit
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