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LOCKLINEThe dark world concealed behind the refugee crisis. Where a Syrian refugee starts working for smugglers to pay his way into Europe.


Hadad, a Syrian refugee wound up in Istanbul many a sleepless night ago, dreams of a better life in Europe. When opportunity presents itself to pay his way into Europe by working for Turkish smugglers as their middle man, he becomes a crucial link between opposites. The Syrian refugees as well as the smugglers rely on him while he gets swallowed by the new dark world that opened up to him.
Realizing his countrymen turned into victims of his earnings, he decides to escape the criminal organization he got caught up in. By doing so, he starts down a path from which there is no return…


Let me tell you of a tale about a dangerous place you wouldn’t wanna wind up, that gains its very own spellbinding, hypnotizing appeal in a fictionalized world of suspense.
Imagine someone living two lives as soon as he sets foot in this world. In one life, he is Hadad, a Syrian refugee stuck in Turkey without any money. In the other life, he is a middle man for a ruthless criminal organization. The concept of a man having such a split personality fascinates me.
There is a predicament to his unique position that concerns us all. That’s my reason to create this film. The dark world concealed behind the refugee crisis reveals just how far people are willing to go for money. His new existence is based on the secret that money has become more important than human lives. For me, Hadad is the embodiment of the question whether or not we can allow ourselves to build better lives at someone else’s expense.

By choosing someone descending on a path towards criminality as our protagonist, I hope to create a clear view on the peculiar way people judge right from wrong. 
We transform the crossing of a border into breaking the law to protect our wealth. While we judge smugglers - according to us criminals breaking this law - because they get wealthy from the law meant to protect our wealth.

The reality is that people smuggling developed into a major social and cultural problem. However, for me, escaping that reality is the best way of expressing that reality. In my opinion film communicates with the audience in ways our reality can’t. - Can reveal the truth to you with imaginative force. That truth may very well be a social and cultural drama, despite of that appearing as a nail biting thriller. That’s when it becomes a film instead of a recording to me. People having the opportunity to reflect on the subject matter is equally important as simultaneously enjoying a compelling experience in which the distribution of wealth has become the true face of the refugee crisis.


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Quote that inspired the maker

“The distribution of wealth is one of today’s most widely discussed and controversial issues.”
Thomas Picketty
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