Under my Bed
A Short film by Robin de Ridder & Kim van Schooten
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LOCKLINEA short comic fantasy movie about growing up, dare to be yourself and monsters under your bed

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"Under my Bed" (in Dutch "Onderbeds") is about Noa a 9 year old with boring parents. She had 3 monsters under her bed who are very nice and take her to there world under the bed every night for al kinds of adventures. Here Noa has a swimmingpool completely to herself, she encouters schadowdragons and talks more then she ever has done at home. One day the bedmonsters decide that they want to see our world, the world above the bed. This is against the rules of the associates they have joined the AVBDNMEWZ: the Associations Of Bedmonsters Who Don't Want to Be Scary Anymore (in Dutch de Associatie Van Bedmonsters Die Niet Meer Eng Willen Zijn). Everything goes well untill they go and explore our world.


Even though this is a fantasy film, us film fanatics like things ''real''. Which means we will not be working with Visual Effects, but with real Practical Effects. Things like sculpting gels, make-up, lenses, hand made props and prosthetics will be used to create the monsters. So, the monsters will be real, which makes the whole film a lot more ''alive'' then computer animated images would do. 

Green (Sustainable)

This film will be produced as ''green'' as possible, following the green filmmaking principle, without cutting back on the actual quality of the film. This cleaner way of working is good for the wellbeing of the planet, has a lot of advantages and can save a lot of money. Since this is a whole new way of working for the entire crew, we mainly focus on these 3 guidelines: reducing waste,  ''greener'' catering and re-using of products. 


After we have shot the film we dive into the post production stage. This is where the editor, composers, sound designer and colour grader work their magic. After all the work is done, we will send the film to, amongst others, the Dutch Film Festival, Amsterdam Shortcutz, The Eindhovens Film Festival and several other Dutch and international festivals. Because this is a graduation film, it will be in the running for most student competitions. Alongside the festivals this film will screen at several institutes for children as well as locale networks. The film will also be available trough Video on Demand.

More information

More information is available on the duth version of Cinecrowd and on our website www.onderbedsfilm.nl (Dutch). If you want any information about this movie in English, please contact us - info@onderbedsfilm.nl


Thank you for your support!

Robin de Ridder (Director) & Kim van Schooten (Producer)

Quote that inspired the maker

Putting a bit of make-up on your face, wearing funny clothes and taking my daughter out far beyond dinnertime. How old are you actually?
Clara, de moeder van Noa
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