Unknown Brood

Unknown Brood
A Documentary by Dennis Alink
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LOCKLINEThe final story on the life of rock 'n roll-star Herman Brood.

UNKNOWN BROOD started with my fascination for Herman Brood. I was very impressed by the raw rock ‘n’ roll that he made and how he lived a life which seemed to have been built solely around his reputation. I listened endlessly to his records, and when some of Broods’ old band-members said that he had been talking about committing suicide all his life, I only became more and more fascinated by his personality. How did this man live his life? Who was the Herman Brood behind the image of the rock ‘n’ roll junkie?

Herman Brood filmed himself in his last years and no-one has seen this footage yet. In the recordings Herman shows things of himself that make his story much more human. These tapes go together with all-new documentary scenes, interviews, archived material and Broods’ music (famous hits as well as never released tracks) to form the definitive story of Herman Brood; UNKNOWN BROOD.


In UNKNOWN BROOD we get to hear the intimate stories about Herman Brood as told by his band and family that tell us what he was really like. Also speaking about Brood are colleagues and friends such as Henny Vrienten (Doe Maar), Daniel Lohues (Skik), Black Francis (Pixies) and Henk-Jan Smits so that we can also start understanding his music more. Furthermore Herman himself contributed as well; when you watch Broods’ own recordings you’ll see that he had started telling his story. We’re going to finish it for him now.


We would like to make this film because Broods’ life is a beautiful and exciting story. Contrary to the common conception, his life was very logical. With this film we can finally link all the exceptional events in the life of Herman Brood into one clear and human story.

What follows is that his work is hugely important. Herman Brood has many international and important fans from the music industry such as Bono (U2), Black Francis (The Pixies), John Waite (The Baby’s) and many others. This is because he made sleazy, sped-up rock ‘n’ roll with edgy lyrics within which rap, rhythm and raging guitars form one awesome whole. Herman Brood communicated through his music and we’ve found many special recordings that can prove this.

By supporting us through cinecrowd we can make this film and ensure that Broods’ life and music are not lost and will be remembered.

Quote that inspired the maker

"It's only two steps from the Hilton to the gutter but only one jump for me."
Herman Brood, 1979
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