Le Reste

Le Reste
A Short film by Renko Koppe
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LOCKLINEA short, experimental drama about a young model for whom media, image and their interpretation control both her career and personal life.

Le Reste is a short, experimental drama with which writer and director Renko Koppe will be graduating from HKU University of the Arts with several fellow students. The film explores the role of media, image and intepretation in our lives, inspired by the work of philosophers Jean Baudrillard and Michel Foucault.




The succesful model Renée lives solely for her career. In front of the camera something inside her surfaces that stays hidden otherwise, and her wish to be able to show this side to others has made her bury herself in her work. But a part of her desire stays unfulfilled, a personal connection with the life her images lead is missing. When, on her way from a photoshoot to a movieset, she is moved by an image on the news, she contacts her mother in an attempt to find the missing piece. But here as well, media and interpretation play their part, and as long as both try to uphold their image, a real connection seems far away.




Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated with the medium film because of its unparalelled ability to create a distinct reality, because it resembles reality so closely but has the ability to add so much more. Most images we see in the media however, do not leave anything to the imagination and are after pure sensationalism, after a specific response with the audience for commercial or political reasons. We form an image of the world based on what we are told and shown by people and media who have their own interests and motivations, removed from their context which will stay unknown to us forever. Incentivized by this observation I have delved into the underlying theory and philosophy which has brought me to Marshall McLuhan and eventually to French philosophers Jean Baudrillard and Michel Foucault. The relation between the images and signs we create en their connection to reality are what I wish to translate to a relatable level with this film, to how we relate to images in our daily lives - because there, media control the nature of our relations. The film will be both a critique of media and a celebration of the magic of film, told from a human and personal perspective.




In his work “Simulacra and Simulation”, Baudrillard described the four successive phases of the image: the first, a reflection of a profound reality, the second a perversion of reality, the third a masking of an absence of reality, and the fourth of simulation, having no relationship to any reality whatsoever. I have translated this to the structure of the film, four scenes in different styles, visually expressing the situation and experience of Renée and their relation, paying tribute to filmmakers and artists whose work connects to my visual interpretation, from Andrey Tarkovsky to René Magritte.




With a team of young and enthusiastic creators from HKU and befriended professionals from my network in Eindhoven, my old hometown, we have been very busy making preparations. But our own limited means are not enough to match our ambition. To be able to bring the project to a success we need to pay for camera, lighting and sound equipment, transport, clothing, locations and other materials. Because of this, we are hoping to raise the necessary funds through crowdfunding and bring the film to a higher level, hoping to make a flying start in our field.


As a graduation project of HKU there are many possibilities to show the film at (international) film festivals like the Dutch Film Festival, and as a Public Benefit Organization CineCrowd also offers additional tax benefits to supporters (note: these benefits are only applicable for supporters in the Netherlands), both private and corporate, making it financially attractive to invest in the project. If you are interested in the rewards we offer but not in having your name in the credits, this is also an option. If you would like to talk to us about a possible personalized investment and reward, you can contact us through the form at the top of the page.


We hope you will support us in the realization of this film. Every contribution brings us closer to our goal. Please have a look at the rewards we offer and become a part of this ambitious project! And keep an eye on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/lerestefilm for regular updates.


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Quote that inspired the maker

Perhaps only in the mirror can the question be posed: which, the real or the image, is the reflection of the other?
This project was successfully funded on 13-05-2015

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