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LOCKLINEOn vacation in Budapest Floris and Anna have a casual one night stand with one another. They decide to meet each other again in Amsterdam.

Distance is a short romantic drama film about Floris and Anna, who spend a weekend together in Amsterdam. They struggle with each others character and expectations.Distance is a graduation film from students of the University of Arts Utrecht.

The Dutch guy Floris (22) and Spanish girl Anna (25) meet each other for the first time in a club in Budapest. They have a fun intoxicated night together, have a one night stand and finally say farewell without really having to get to know one another. Floris initiates them to meet eachother again, one week later, for a weekend in Amsterdam. The story starts with this rendezvous.

Their encounter is marked by all kinds of false expectations. Without the haze of vacation, alcohol and a party, they have difficulty making a connection with eachother. Floris is actually a very introvert, self aware type of guy, with little romantic experience. Although for Floris the encounter means a lot, for Anna the encounter is not really important. She just wants to have a good time and tries to relive their previous one night stand experience.

The connection they experienced in Budapest doesn't seem as obvious in Amsterdam. Do they say their farewells again without really getting to know eachother, or do they succeed to build something new from the ruïnes of their connection?

Many people I know, have had a one night stand. I think in our society a one night stand is a common way for people to connect with one another. You might think that such an encounter is purely driven by lust, but I imagine these encounters to be about all kinds of things. It can be a way to keep your distance from others, or a way to process things, a way to feel good about yourself or perhaps even to feel anything at all. Although this might seem somewhat perverted, I think it's very logical and human. The contrast between physically sharing the most intimate parts of yourself, but at the same time making no emotional connection, I find fascinating.

So what happens when two people decide to meet eachother once more, after a superficial one night stand? I think the very occurence of such a second encounter is very vulnurable and dramatic. Two people are bound to one another, don't really know who the other person is and what his/her expectations are from thei encounter. The simple connection of a one night stand can suddenly become very complicated with a second encounter. What is the meaning of this encounter and in what way are you going to relate to eachother?

The key problem I encounter working with wounded, depressed, and unhappy people is a lack of connection…starting from a disconnection from themselves and then with others. This is why love often becomes so distorted and destructive.” ― David W. Earle

Distance is about the balance between connection and disconnection. As with Floris and Anna, the order in which they make contact, is completely confused. Although they are physically very intimate, they struggle to make some kind of emotional connection with eachother. With Distance I want to show that love can be difficult and confusing. I want to show that it is possible for us to conquer this confusion and to build meaningful connections, if we allow ourselves to be confident and open.

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With our crew of young filmmakers we want to tell a true human story. The productional puzzle of the film is starting to fall into place, but we won't be able to make the film a reality without money. We will have to rent camera and lighting equipment, we will have to pay location fees (to film at Amsterdam's Central Station for example) and we will have to move the cast and crew from and to Amsterdam. There are so many costs linked to making a film and we are unable to cover this cost alone. Through Cinecrowd we hope to raise the minimal amount of money for us to produce this film.

Once the film is produced, we will do our very best to distribute the film to as many filmfestivals as possible. With our previous films we also spent a lot of time distributing and have had the honor to be selected for some festivals. For graduation films there are often more possibilities for distribution, like the graduation program within the Dutch Film Festival. It is a wonderful thing for us when many people see our work and we hope to make this possible through our focus on festival distribution.

We really need your help if we are to make Distance a reality. We are extremely enthusiastic to produce this film and we hope that you are starting to feel the same enthusiasm. Please take a look at all the rewards, find something you like and become a part of this film!

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“In the end, everyone can understand themselves only. You are the only one to which you never have to explain what you mean. Everything else is misunderstanding.”
Renate Dorrestein
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