Dreams Are Made of Plastic

Dreams Are Made of Plastic
A Documentary by Florentine Oranje & Nadia Rosalie Nissen
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About the project
LOCKLINERoe, a 24-year-old aspiring artist, finds herself in limbo; experiencing disquiet and self doubt as she tries to figure out what she wants in life.


‘Dreams are made of plastic’ is a short documentary about a particular passage of life. Roe at age 24 finds herself in a limbo state, where part of her want to retreat to her world as it is - secure and small - while another part wants to move forward by seeking a purpose to attach her future to. We follow Roe in the days leading up to her 25th birthday and explore this life-altering phase she’s going through where she has no schedule to follow.

From an early age, Roe became completely fascinated with colors, shapes and materials and was constantly creating things. As a child Roe wanted to be a designer, but she has stopped chasing her childhood dream. At the moment, she’s waiting for the application procedure for art school to start.

Despite her love of making art, she struggles to identify herself as an artist. Is becoming an artist even her dream? And does she actually have a dream? These questions form a tread throughout the documentary in which Roe’s search for a dream to pursue is central.


As a twenty-something, you don't have many responsibilities, and it's one of the few times in your life when you have a lot of freedom to explore and enjoy life. Then why do so many young people experience periods of uncertainty and anxiety in which they question their goals, plans and even relationships?

The problem is that people in this state often feel they have no reason to struggle, because these years are supposed to be fun and relatively easy. As a result, they themselves - or others in their lives - try to shake off the problems they are experiencing.

Both of us consider this to be a very defining and important period in our lives. With this documentary we want to acknowledge this period characterized by uncertainty and fear of the future and the pressure to have it together personally and professionally. This documentary can be a way for young people to identify with the phase Roe is going through.

Most of all, though, we want to make this documentary to show the beauty of this phase and celebrate the energy and spirit of being young.


Nadia applied for acting school from the age of 19-25 and all she ended up with was tons of rejection letters and the feeling that she wasted 6 years of her life. Today she considers that time spent waiting and feeling lost as the hardest but also a very defining and important part of her life. Nadia wants to make this movie a celebration of that in-between stage, where you still don’t know what you want from life or how you’re going to get it.

Florentine's father died suddenly last year. Since then, she has kept going, trying to keep her life on track. She's afraid of what she might feel if she comes to a standstill and fears that she won't get back up if she allows those feelings to take hold. But deep down, she longs to stand still for a moment and not know what to do. That’s why she wants to explore this stage where you don’t know where your life is going, which comes with ambiguity.


As beginning filmmakers we don't have a budget yet. To get this message out, we need your help! The money raised will be used for the rental of the film equipment, for professional help with post-production such as color grading and sound design and for a composed soundtrack. The money that remains will be used to cover our own costs like travel expenses. The documentary has to be finished by January 19 and will then be screened at the Campusdoc film festival at Utrecht. We would appreciate your donation a lot, because we think this documentary is relevant and necessary at this very moment.

Thank you for your donation!


Quote that inspired the maker

The desire for certainty, wanting things to be predictable, safe and familiar is a common response. But life is ambiguous, uncertain and unpredictable. Rather than expecting life to dance to our own tune, maybe we could allow for the mystery that is Life to touch us and open us.
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