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LOCKLINEIn the dance film ECHO we see 4 characters who, in their own way, try to deal with the pressure from society and search for more peace and quiet.


In the dance film ECHO we follow 4 characters who feel they have put in a lot of effort to comply with social rules. Hiding vulnerability, keeping up appearances, putting others on a pedestal or trying not to fall off a pedestal yourself. In their own way, they all long for quietude and freedom.

Terschelling will provide the perfect backdrop. The landscapes have a symbolic meaning for the processes of the four characters.


Terschelling, one of the Dutch isles in the Northsea, was the first inspiration for this film. The peace you find on this island is a very nice contrast to the hustle and bustle of every day life. As a creator I often ask myself why we do things the way we do them and whether a different approach might be better.

For years I have been busy organizing my life with more peace of mind by setting priorities, looking less at my phone and being more in touch with nature. It is quite a challenge, as we all keep eachother occupied. That's why I want to make this movie! I want to gain insight into why we feel we have to do so much and how we put pressure on ourselves and each other. I would like to share these insights with you to contribute to the deceleration that many of us so badly need in our lives.


Modern western man has made life quite complicated. We have to do a lot: we race from appointment to appointment, focused on making money, our appearance, owning stuff and our status. There is little room for vulnerability and peace in our society.

Throughout history, many ideas have arisen about the way you should live; what is good and what is bad. For this film I'm going to dive into the pile of (unwritten) rules that man has come up with since his creation and I'm going to dissect them; from the materialistic and technological, via the different philosophies of life, to the social being that we are. By understanding the origin of these rules, we can understand why it is not so simple to do nothing for a while.


You can make a donation so that we can realize this film together! I will use the amount that I collect with this action to hire the dancers and a composer, accomodations on Terschelling, and to buy material for the costumes.


The film will be shown not only in the visual art scene, but also beyond it in order to be able to share this film with a large audience and to contribute to the slowing down of society. Small-scale screenings are also organized throughout The Netherlands after which I enter into a conversation with the public.

Would you like to help me realize this? Then support my project!

I'm going to make something fantastic out of it!

Quote that inspired the maker

In our culture, our worth as humans is often linked to our bank balance and our self-esteem to productivity. It goes against our culture to take the time to play and rest.
Brené Brown
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