De Beul van Entgen Luyten

Entgen Luyten's Executioner
A Short film by Gideon van Eeden
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LOCKLINELimburg 1674. An authority fearing executioner tortures a suspected witch to force a confession. But what is his duty when he realises she's innocent?

A woman who is tortured to extract a confession remains determined to insist on the truth. An executioner who has serious doubts about the course of justice, but is too afraid to act according to his own moral compass. Indifferent, corrupt and ruthless rulers, who apathetically make life and death decisions.

'De Beul van Entgen Luyten' is a short, intense drama set in Limbricht of 1674. With a modern glance, this true story takes a look at what could really have happened during these dark days in history.



In a world ruled by conscienceless men, women will continue to suffer.



We've already assembled 80% of the budget from, among others, the Limburg Film Fund, CineSud and he Prince Bernard Culture Fund. As we're now in pre-production we need your help to get over the finish line!



Witch persecution gripped Europe from 1450 to 1750. Tens of thousands of victims lost their lives, mainly women. Most of them pleaded guilty as they were severely tortured and died during the process. If a woman confessed, she was strangled instead of burned. This was seen as a mercy. About 250 witch burnings are known to have happened in the Netherlands, of which 100 in Limburg. One of the last victims of witch persecution in the Netherlands was Entgen Luyten from Limbricht, who was brought to court in 1674. She died in suspicious circumstances during the trial.

We no longer live in the Middle Ages, but women are still not equal to men. Women are more often murdered, raped, discriminated against and kidnapped. Since WWII, modern witch hunts have claimed more victims than all the incidents during the Middle Ages combined!

In India and Africa, elderly women and even children are often burned alive on suspicion of witchcraft. According to many academics, there is almost always an underlying agenda of expropriation: empoverished men want to rob women of their property out of envy. Corrupt governments, traditional hegemonies and big business incite violence to rob these women of their land, self-reliance and position in the family.

Our short film bridges eras and worlds by going back to the birthplace of women's oppression: the European witch persecution. We want to give context to current crimes through hard self-reflection on our own history. We want to make it visible and inspire debate.

Screenwriter-director Gideon van Eeden:

“In my country of origin, South Africa, and around the world, violence against women seems to be on the rise. Toxic masculinity is often noted as a major culprit. But is everything I learned in my youth about how I should be a strong, good man false?

What should men do in the face of unequal treatment or violence against women? What can we actually do? The urge to make this film arose from these poignant and confusing questions."



1674 Limbricht. An authority-fearing executioner torments an alleged witch before the court to extract a confession. However, she continues to refuse to confess to something she simply didn't do. When the executioner is convinced of her innocence, his understanding of duty collapses. He cannot free her without endangering his own life. But what else can he do to help her?


To reconstruct the time period in a convincing way is a challenge we relish. But shooting historcial film comes with a price tag, which we of course already knew. The past two years we've been hard at work to find funding for this film. We have successfully received support from CineSud, the Prins Bernard Culture Fund, the Limburg Film Fund, the Municipality of Sittard-Geleen, the Limbricht Castle Foundation, the Limbricht Castle Estate, Sound & Solid and Zuyd University. This means that 80% of the budget is already secured, and we are proud of it!

In order to finalise the budget, we ask for your help to get us over the finish line. We have attractive, meaningful and fun rewards, so a donation comes with significant perks.
We've gathered a passionate team of highly skilled creatives. With your support, we'll finally be able to shoot our movie in June!

To be able to film at Castle Limbricht, where the interrogation actually took place, is very special to us. In this way, we may be able to return some dignity to Entgen Luyten, and commemorate what happened to her.

Thanks for your time and donation.






Quote that inspired the maker

"Violence against women is a men’s problem." Cyril Ramaphosa, South African President
This project was successfully funded on 05-06-2021

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