Vilse (Verdwaald)

Vilse (Lost)
A Short film by Robin De Cock
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Project Information

About the project
LOCKLINEA hitchiker gets a ride from an enigmatic man in Sweden. The endless roads takes them both to an introspective journey about loneliness and hope.


Vilse is based on an encounter I had while hitchhiking through Sweden.
A road movie about two lost souls who accidentally cross roads. With a common loneliness and destination, these strangers become friends. They try to share their pain but are faced with their own flaws.
A cheerful adventure with a dark and existential undertone.


Background Idea

My journey started in the summer of 2017 at an exit in Antwerp. With my thumb in the air I fled from a mountain of bad habits and dark thoughts. Three weeks later I started on the way back home. The last ride I got was from Jonas.

During the 36 hours and 900 kilometers I spent with him, it was quickly apparent that Jonas was a melancholic man. I recognized something of myself in him. A good-natured chaot who tries to make sense of his place in the world.
Exasperated by his recently changed world and in search of meaning, he joined my adventure.

The search for connection in the car is initially guided by the hitchhiker's enthusiasm and his exuberant way of telling. He wants to share his interests and ideas with the person behind the wheel, desperate for confirmation. Although Jonas goes along in the abandoned sphere, the hitchhiker notices that he is hiding something.

Hitchhiking is an exceptional way to really see a country with the locals as a guide. When you get into a car, you also step into someone's life. The car becomes a confessional for many people; you are the priest, they are the sinners. Everything can be said because people will never see you again afterwards. They give you the ride, you give them the ear and the company.

This unique atmosphere will set the tone throughout Vilse. On the long deserted roads that meander through the beautiful country, we will bring the story of me and Jonas back to life.
A story of two generations, two cultures and a single car.
A personal catharsis that takes people on an adventure where age and origin no longer play a role, only the road, the destination and the unique connection in the car.

Your help

With your contribution, we can make this short film in the most authentic way with the cast and crew. In Sweden!
With your help, I will portray the beauty of Sweden with a compact crew and a great cast.

Your contributions will be used for the stay of the crew and cast in Sweden, the food and drinks of these awesome people and all the practical facilities that come with such a film.

Quote that inspired the maker

The best car in the world will not take you to the right place if you do not know where you want to go.
Someone on the internet