A Documentary by Tom Verstraten & Annemieke Staal
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LOCKLINE'Wappie' is about Wilma, people call her a conspiracy theorist. But what makes someone a 'wappie'? and what impact does it have on their enviroment.


In 2021, the word 'wappie' has become commonplace in the Dutch language and many people know someone somewhere who believes one of the many conspiracy theories that circulate online. Like Wilma, since the beginning of the corona crisis everything became clear for Wilma; Corona does not exist, the vaccine actually makes people sick and the media are controlled by the state.

"They call us wappies, but we call them sheep haha." Wilma says, laughing. According to Wilma, Corona is one big puppet show. But that puppet show also had an impact on Wilma's life and social environment. In the documentary 'Wappie' you see what life is like for a conspiracy thinker, what impact do their beliefs have on someone's friends and family? And what actually makes someone a 'Wappie'? 


As a journalist, how do you deal with people who question what you consider 'common knowledge'? And when there are endless different truths circling around you, how do you know which is the right one? These are questions that Tom Verstraten (22 years old, journalism student) and Annemieke Staal (23, art & economics student) asked themselves in early February. As part of the Campusdoc Minor at the Hogeschool Utrecht, they got the opportunity to make a real documentary and tell their story.

An idea that originally started with a story about fake news made us ask how it's possible that there are people in our society who believe in so-called conspiracy theories and who have a kind of natural suspicion for everything we consider to be the 'simple truth'. That is where the idea for the documentary wappie arose.


Instead of judging and laughing at those 'wappies' on the museum square, the makers of Wappie try to paint an honest yet critical picture of the life of a conspiracy thinker. Because even if you disagree with someone or don't agree with someone's ideas, it never hurts to try to understand someone.

Do you find this topic interesting, do you think it is important that it receives attention or do you perhaps know someone in your environment who you may not fully understand? Then support our film project!

Quote that inspired the maker

'To my friends who work at the GGD* I say they are murderers. But I still love them.' *dutch public health service who a.o. vaccinate