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LOCKLINEThe music video of three young filmmakers goes VIRAL. How does identity affect their chances?


Nina (26 years old) and her friends' new music video has gone viral and they are suddenly thrust into the spotlight of the mainstream media. They're getting ready for a live television show they've been invited to. Nina has doubts whether she should enjoy her minute of fame or take this unique opportunity to make a statement as an under-represented music video producer. In this BOLD and COLOURFUL film we show what it's like to pursue your ambitions as a young black woman.


Before I directed I worked as an actor. As an actor I was only offered stereotypical roles such as pizza delivery boy, drug dealer and lover-boy. It contributed to the negative self-image I've struggled with for years. If people only offer me these kinds of roles, does that mean society sees me in the same way? Never seen as the ideal son-in-law or the talented young artist? I have rarely been able to identify with characters from Dutch film because they exist in such unfamiliar environments. I want to change this by making a film about the influence of your identity on your life and the barriers you must face because of your identity.


The storyline and characters in VIRAL were created from my need for more Dutch films with (positive) multicultural representation. Combined with my desire to make a personal statement about the comtemporary social climate we live in. In 2020 there were protests all over the world against racism. In the Netherlands as well, with the iconic image of a filled Dam square in Amsterdam, where lots of people came together. A time where racism was a 'hot topic', but 'Zwarte Piet' still remained a tradition unable to be rid of. I was inspired by contemporary socially critical black American filmmakers (like Jordan Peel, Boots Riley and Terrence Nance) and with VIRAL am trying to describe the story of Nina and her friends in a lighthearted, comical and sometimes satirical way. It’s about women who dream together and who want to be seen and accepted.


VIRAL is, among other things, about intersectionality, which is portrayed on the basis of the main character Nina: what is it like to chase your dreams as a young, black woman and what kind of resistance do you encounter? Together, Shriejan and Ashanti, want to offer people a different perspective and we can give a voice to people who have been ignored for far too long. Their stories deserve to be portrayed honestly and a light must be shone on an environment in the Dutch film industry that receives little attention.


Preproduction of the film is fully underway and we are really happy that we have already met many great partners like NTR and HALAL FILM. Your continued financial support remains essential to this project. The fundraising makes it possible for us to film at beautiful locations, take good care of our voluntary cast and crew and be able to fund costume and art design down to the finest detail.
Do you want to invest in diversity and inclusion across all aspects of the film world? Do you find the themes that VIRAL deals with and the conversations we want to start as important as we do? Then help us get closer to our funding target! Whether this is a large or small donation, any kind of support will help us!


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