A Documentary by Marcelle Ohm en Leonie De Bouvere
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LOCKLINEThe perfect picture of 'Van Life' on Instagram is often not reality. You'll be shown a different lifestyle and way of thinking than the standard.

We live in a time where everything has to go faster and more efficiently. The society we live in consists of certain expectations; university, a job, buying a house, and having children. There is little space to think for yourself and what you really want in life. In our documentary, we want to make people aware of the choices you can make in life and the fact that you are in control.

What is ‘De Eindbestemming’ about? 

De Eindbestemming is a documentary about van life. Van life is a lifestyle that is often romanticized on social media. A young couple waking up in their van with a lovely sunset en birds singing. These are images of van life you see on social media. The freedom to go wherever you want, when you want, is something that attracts a lot of people to van life.

However, this ideal image is not the whole truth. In our documentary, we want to show you the reality of van life including the inconveniences it can bring. We follow Frank (28) and Ella (23), who have been living in their self-converted Renault Master for two and a half years which they currently use to travel throughout The Netherlands.

Besides the reality check that our documentary is, we want to give people an inside on a different way of living. You may have a home that eats gasoline, but in exchange for that, you barely use any electricity or water. It is wonderful to be free and to drive around but you are stuck in a driving box of only a few square meters.

Still, it is just that which attracts people to it. The primitive, the freedom, can offer so many people the escape they are looking for in their life. ‘De Eindbestemming’ tries to represent that liberty as truthful as possible, supplemented with those idyllic bubbles you can pop. 

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This documentary is in collaboration with Ventje - Volkswagen Campers

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Quote that inspired the maker

"A regular house to us feels like a luxury; some kind of vacation"
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