A Short film by Joeri Mol
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LOCKLINETo save his relationship, a teenager with PTSD, has to find closure by confronting his past.

Ammunition is about Ivar (21). Ivar has been sexually abused in the past and grew up in an unsafe home. He developed the complex PtsD. He tries to hide not acknowledging the complex PtsD he experiences. This puts more and more pressure on his life but especially on his relationship. To break this pattern he must confront his past and find a way to communicate with his environment and especially with his partner.

For me it is important to tell this story because it is lies very close to my heart. This is my first film that I am going to make under the guidance of evening of Almeerse film. I'm super excited and so grateful for this opportunity to learn so much!

When friends and family heard about the topic of my film, I got numerous questions:

Why such a heavy subject?

People don't want to watch that for fun, do they?

Yes I am aware that this is a heavy topic and discussing mental health problems is not an easy subject to talk about. This is the story I want to tell, for us a personal story and the story of countless other people. That is why this campaign and this short film is for. it is for those people so that they feel seen and understood. To show them that they are not alone and that we are ready to have a convirsation about these things  Because for some people the subject is not heavy and uneasy to talk about, it is their life. With this campaign we are trying to take a moment and stand with them and with the movie we will try to let people undertsand and feel for a second what these people feel every day, and hopefully build a bridge in between. 

Quote that inspired the maker

It is not death a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.
Marcus Aurelius (Romeinse Keizer)