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LOCKLINEAn intimate look into the life of 14-year-old Lorenzo Caboni, world champion breakdancing in his age category.



FRESH tells the story of 14-year-old breakdancer Lorenzo Caboni and his dance school Fresh. Lorenzo has become, at a very young age, already a world champion breakdance in the youth category, which is why he is now competing with the adults. Before the coronacrisis hit us, he was regularly invited to games that were held in places such as the US, China, Russia and France. Together with his crew, the Fresh Allstars, he is also very succesful. For example, they reached the final of Holland's Got Talent.



Josje van Engelen, one of the directors of this documentary, was born and raised in Maarheeze, Brabant, where she and her family lived very close to Lorenzo's family. The two families visited each other regularly and Josje used to babysit Lorenzo when she was a young girl. After Lorenzo's family moved to Limburg, they kept in touch. Josje followed Lorenzo on Instagram and Facebook and saw he was doing really well as a breakdancer. She was amazed how good that little boy she remembered from her childhood had become and how he was developing into a real athlete. She remembered Lorenzo to be a very active and energetic kid, weg but still she wondered how he had become so good at such a young age. That's why she decided she wanted to learn more about Lorenzo, his family and his dance school, and tell his story in this documentary.

Because of their warm relationship, Josje got the unique opportunity to make this documentary whereas Lorenzo's family normally wouldn't give filmmakers such a chance. Josje knew Max Pickkers, the other director of this documentary, from her journalism study and when she told him about her idea, he was immediately excited. This was mainly because of his huge interest in hip hop and the hip hop culture of which breakdance is a big part.


Why we want to make this documentary


Lorenzo is a unique dance talent, who has won almost everything that can be won in the breakdance scene. That's why, at fourteen years old, he is now competing with the adults. He is being tipped by a lot of internationally-known b-boys as a talent to keep an eye on. Furthermore, in 2024 breakdance will be part of the Olympic Games for the first time. For Lorenzo, it is an important goal to shine at the Olympics. On top of that, he wants to win the Red Bull BC One, which can be seen as the unofficial breakdance world championship.

Everyone who knows Lorenzo will tell you that he is a special boy. He has a huge drive to constantly improve and breaking is on his mind every moment of the day. His perfectionism helps him to perform at the highest level but sometimes it can also drive him crazy when he fails to perform a certain move. At those moments, he can be a difficult boy to deal with and he can give his family, crew and others around him a hard time. We want to show what Lorenzo's personality is, what makes him special and how he can be so good at such a young age.

We want to tell the story of Lorenzo and his dance school Fresh as good as possible and that is why we need your help! We will need to invest money in this documentary, for example to be able to rent professional filming gear. We will also have travel costs because we will drive from Utrecht to Limburg several times for shooting days. To make the documentary as beautiful as possible, we want to collaborate with people who can make music for the film, a

filmposter, do colour correction and sound design. Of course we have to pay these people as well. That is why we kindly ask you to donate money to this documentary.

We would really appreciate it if you could support us financially! All donations, big and small, are more than welcome. We will be forever grateful and we have also thought about appropriate rewards for certain donations. You can see what reward belongs to what donation on our page. This could be tickets to the film's premiere at the CampusDoc Filmfestival, or a meet and greet with the directors of this documentary, for example.

Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door de Provincie Limburg. 

Quote that inspired the maker

I think the best way to describe Lorenzo, is to say he is like the Messi or Ronaldo of kids' breakdancing.
Raymon Truijen, trainer van Lorenzo