De jonge man en de Dood

The young man and death
A Short film by Koen Van Loocke
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About the project
LOCKLINEA young man is being deceived by Death to give him the chance to die with a happy thought.

Death is not the worst thing that can happen to us.


This sentence kept running through my mind and I tried to figure out why.

It seems as clear as day that our life is our highest good and the taking away of it the worst thing that might happen to us.

More so, in all action and horror movies the main theme is just that, "will our hero-in survive?". Without that, bye bye suspense!

And still, for sure in this global Covid period we’re living now, it suddenly seems to be not as much 'if' we’re going to die but 'how' we’re going to leave our lives.

People in crowded hospitals without any relatives or family in complete chaos have died.

What were their last thoughts, emotions?

Doesn’t that determine the gravity and are our worldly pursuits still so important once we’re in the zone between life and death and do we get a chance there?

Almost unanimously people that have had a death experience come back saying they saw their entire life go by. When you’ve just seen you’re entire life go by, what thought will be your last thought?

That’s how I stumbled upon the idea for The young man and Death. Death appears because it’s the young man’s time to go but She wants to give him the chance to leave with a good thought.

I wanted to tell this 'heavy content' story with humour and found a companion in the style of Godfried Boman’s tales and Pinter’s witty dialogues. A black comedy was born.

I also wanted to make time an important issue: one minute. But what’s the duration of one earthly minute to Death? Maybe just as long as She decides?


We believe in this crowdfunding campaign to realise our short movie to be a counterweight to the drama we experience at the loss of our loved ones… while in fact, it might not be such a drama.

Death after all might not be the worst thing that can happen to us!


Quote that inspired the maker

Death is not the worst thing that can happen to us.
Armondo Linus Acosta