Somebody to like

Somebody to like
A Documentary by Nina Vrieswijk & Anouk Bowman
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LOCKLINEPling! Another like. Social media has never been so present in our lives. But how does our online world affect our real one? Are we living for likes?


Our documentary will delve into the mysterious world of one of the most fascinating phenomena of today: social media and content creators, also known as influencers. Why do youngsters have such admiration for these glamorous and photogenic creatures? Would they like to be influencers themselves? And what kind of effect does this weird world of influencing have on their mental wellbeing? Is there a correlation between social media and a rise in eating disorders, depression and loneliness?

Nina, our youngest filmmaker, dealt with an eating disorder two years ago as a result of the continuous stream of content. She had to undergo therapy for a year, although it's still a long road to 'actual' and complete recovery. Despite this, she also still sees the beauty of social media. For her, taking photos and creating content isn't only a trigger, but also a creative outlet. 

The world of social media isn’t just horrendous: but it can be scarily intriguing. 



While creating this visual story, we have one important thing in mind: awareness. There are quite a few stories that need to be told. Stories full of warning, but also of the beauty that can come from a life that’s being lived online. The increase in use of social media is a touchy feely subject. The debate surrounding this particular subject hosts a lot of different opinions. There is no right and no wrong. 

As fairly young adults ourselves, we've also grown up and seen the influence of social media. We see major importance in trying to give an overall and transparent view of the effects of social media in our day and age. 

As part of an undergraduate program at the School of Journalism in Utrecht, we have been putting a lot of effort into this documentary, concerning the effect of social media on the youth of today. The documentary will be approximately twenty minutes long and will be shown at a film-festival in Utrecht later this year. We also hope that we might be able to present our documentary at other film-festivals around the world, but of course, this remains to be seen! 



Since we are still students and only at the beginning of our careers as potential filmmakers, our budget for this film is low. We need funds for a lot of different services and equipment, such as: an animator, illustrator, cameras, a studio and loads more. 

That’s where you come in: donate, and be part of our documentary Somebody to like. With your support, we will finally be able to capture our experiences (and those of others) with social media on actual film. Every small sum is already of huge help to us, so we would like to say in advance: thank you. 

For the latest updates on our documentary Somebody to like, follow us on Instagram @somebodytolike_docu. We will keep you updated with fun facts, little quotes and loads more!



Covid-19 has screwed up our planning quite royally, as to be expected. The consequences for our overall planning were immense, but we finally seem to be on the right track again and hope to start properly shooting in July of this year. 

If all goes according to plan (and like an unwanted Backstreet Boy, corona doesn’t decide to make a comeback) we will be able to première our documentary somewhere at the end of this year. Then again, everyone’s health is obviously the greatest priority right now. If in one way or another, an actual physical première is not going to take place, it will also be possible to view our documentary online. 

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Quote that inspired the maker

About five hundred million people use Instagram daily and monthly Instagram gets used by more than a billion people. Does this continuous stream of content have any effect on us avid users?
This project was successfully funded on 11-07-2020

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