Lieve Vincenzo

Lieve Vincenzo
A Documentary by Steef Bouwman en Loïs van Wijnen
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About the project
LOCKLINEDear Vincenzo is a documentary about the rare friendship between Mara (24) and Vincenzo (78) and the search for balance and unconditionality

LIEVE VINCENZO (dear Vincenzo)

Vincenzo (78) and Mara (24) meet on a terrace. It is friendship at first sight. For two years they see each other almost every week. They drink cups of coffee and eat pizza, sometimes just the two of them and sometimes with friends and family. They get to know each other better and better. At least ... That's what Mara thinks. When Vincenzo ends up in the hospital, she discovers that he keeps many things from her.

In Lieve Vincenzo (dear Vincenzo), Mara figures out who Vincenzo really is. She meets friends of Vincenzo who have known him for years and she talks to Vincenzo about his past. She develops an image of what unconditionality means to her in this special friendship.



General explanation

In our modern society, age groups have slowly but surely become isolated over the centuries. Young people spend the majority of their time at school, adults are mainly at work and older people retire and go abroad or end up in a nursing home. Only through family ties are there still intergenerational contacts. Friendships between the elderly and young people are rare. This segregation easily creates incomprehension.

In the story of Mara and Vincenzo we see a intergenerational friendship become reality in a special way. We get to see how their friendship came about and how they keep it alive, even in difficult times.

Personal explanation Steef

I have never personally known my own grandparents. For a long time I didn't see this as a loss: because you can not really miss what you've never had, right? But when I did meet elderly people in recent years, I noticed how much you can actually get out of interacting with older people. It can yield different, interesting views of life.

Mara also discovered this. She also lacked a certain deep connection with an older person. I find it intriguing how she built a friendship with a man almost sixty years older. And also how she deals with the difficulties that come with this friendship. Perhaps the differences in age and generation are the connecting factors.

Personal explanation Loïs

In the past three years, I have come into contact with the elderly through journalistic projects for the first time really. In a documentary series, the elderly told me about their experiences with aging. Before then, I often experienced distance. Chitchats, if they occurred at all, remained short and superficial, maybe as a result of courtesy, I don't know.

Now I notice that I am more interested in the perception of the elderly. You might say too late, because I'm no longer around them. Sometimes I ask my parents if they can tell me stories about my grandfather and grandmother, but that is different than having a conversation with them. When I heard that Mara had contacted Vincenzo, an older man she didn't know, I immediately knew: I want to see more of this.


We joked about the skyrocketing parking costs in Amsterdam, but that is not the only thing that costs money. We have to invest a lot to realize our film. You can think of: the rental of professional equipment, petrol costs, parking costs and the costs of colorgrading and sound editing. We therefore urgently need your help to create this story in the best, most honest and most beautiful way possible! In the meantime, we are working hard on the documentary and we are already organizing a location for the premiere.

By supporting us, you first of all make us very happy. But that is not all. We have thought a lot about good rewards. Rewards that really make you part of this beautiful story. Because all contributions, small and large, are greatly appreciated by us!

Thank you very much in advance!

Quote that inspired the maker

On a beautiful late summer afternoon I was sitting on a bench in front of a coffee shop, reading a book. A man, in his late 70's, stopped in front of me. Hij looked hestitantly at two postcards he was holding in his hands. 'Can I help you?' I asked.
Mara Romero Heredia
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