Bettie van de Thuiszorg

Home Care Bettie
A Short film by Carmen Maria
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LOCKLINEAs a result of the Corona-crisis Home Care Bettie is recognized as the hero she's always been. Will she maintain this status after the crisis is over?


Strangers thank her, the prime minister thanks her and the entirety of Amsterdam even applauds her from their balconies when they decide to 'applaud our health care workers'. Bettie experiences a new found self respect when she finally recieves the appreciation she's always deserved. She finds the courage to stand up for herself more, both in work and at home. We witness her transform into a true heroine, including slow motion walk-ups and bystanders recognising her costume. She proudly wears it while grocery shopping and enjoys the respectful looks her costume provide her. 

But when we finally get the message everyone has been waiting for and all the governments measures are reversed, it's difficult for Bettie to be truly happy. Will everything go back to how it was before the crisis? 

Home Care Bettie is a convincingly empathetic story, told through the usage of the superhero genre. It's a loving portrait of people like Bettie who work hard all their lives for the well-being of others, not because want to be compimented but because it's what they love to do. The film makes usage of absurdistic and comedic elements, but remains an intimate and relatable story about the basic human need for recognition and selfconfidence. 


Ever since the Corona-crisis started, people have unceasingly expressed their appreciation for health care workers. In my opinion this gratitude is extremely justified, but it arrived too late. Years on end there have been budget cuts in health care, but we need a pandemic to realise how important our health care workers are to society. I want to comment on this hypocrisy with humor and lightheartedness. 

Bettie's story also raises the question if we will return to 'business as usual' as soon as the crisis is over. The professions that are called 'crucial' during this crisis are exactly the same that had to fight for recognition and a better salary not too long ago. It would be a missed chance if we wouldn't try to change the problems with the system that surfaced during the crisis. 

Thanks for your support 

We're working hard to realise this short film with a passionate, young team. The majority of our crew studies at the Netherlands Film Academy and love working on projects they believe in. Check out the 'cast and crew' tab if you'd like to read more about our crew.

To make this film we will need funding. Even though the cast and crew will work on this for free, we still need to pay for things like travel costs, catering and equipment. If you'd like to see this movie as much as we do, your donation will be greatly appreciated.

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