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LOCKLINEA boy and a girl take a walk in a forest, in an attempt to regain the strength to cope with the obligations of society.


A boy and a girl go for a walk in the woods to briefly escape the city, responsibilities and expectations, stress and deadlines.

The movie casts a light on how two young adults cope with societal pressure, how they rediscover the power and importance of nature, and how they – in spite of their young and dazzling lives – are in dire need of a little peace.

I have written this screenplay during a time when my girlfriend and I attempted to go walk in nature at least once a week; we never succeeded. Because we never had the time. Because I was overworked, dealing with constant pressure to achieve. And when we did have time, I was either tired, or I just wanted to crash on my couch, and watch a televisionshow.  And I don’t think I’m alone in this.

These are unreal times. For some, it’s harder than for others. I belong to the group of people who suddenly have oceans of time. The ones who sit at home, and suddenly have the opportunity to go walk in nature multiple times a week, and have the time to enjoy this unprecedented era of peace.

By the time this movie – thanks to your support – is finished, we will be months into the future and the world will probably have turned back to its normal ways, at an unbelievable rate. It is my intention with this movie to remind people to take breaks once in a while, to visit the small amount of nature we have in Flanders. Because I am of the utmost conviction that it would do us all good.





The search for peace and balance is a theme that has been inspiring me for several years now. The search for harmony between work and leisure, between society and nature, between people and planet.

Besides working on my film degree whilst developing my own production house called, my colleague and I started a new initiative at the start of this year: The goal: to bring inspiring stories about human and planet, today’s issues, and solutions, to the big screen in a sustainable and ecological way.

Ecology and sustainability do not only play a big role in my life; they are also one of the biggest themes of the movie. Together with my crew, we strive towards the greenest possible production, and we hope to be granted the opportunity to label our movie with Flanders Audiovisual Fund’s e-Mission label.

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There’s a lot more to shooting a short movie than most people realize. From a month-long writing process, to searching for the right locations, rehearsing with the cast and getting together a crew of up to twenty people.

And even though most crew members offer up their time and talent for free, there are lot of unavoidable costs that come with the realization of a movie.

Mainly: renting professional film gear (cameras, lenses, stabilizers), transportation expenses for cast & crew, and catering on set.

Your contribution is the needed support on top of the directors’s own investment, and the 1.000-euro Sabam prize money, which the screenplay won at the Leuven Short Film Festival.

If you also believe in the power of a walk in nature, and if you want to be a part of this collaborative financial movement, you are most welcome. Thank you for believing in the message of this movie, and for taking the leap with us in this journey, in this story.

Quote that inspired the maker

And then I saw a tree, sat under it and breathed in. And I realized I needed nothing more.