How does KONT feel? Archiving a fluid art movement

How does KONT feel? Archiving a fluid art movement
A Documentary by Floor Hofman voor KONTmagazine
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LOCKLINEA documentary in fragments about the generous artist movement KONT. What does KONT mean for the ones involved?

The KONT movement is not easily sized up... KONT is made up of an alternating roster of members and participants, engaged in either individual projects or KONT as a whole. The only thing I can say with certainty is that I planted the seed. I’m Griet Menschaert, artist and editor, a Belgian living in Eindhoven since 2003: pleased to meet you!

When I moved here from Belgium, I was immediately interested in engaging with Eindhoven, with all its knowledge, design, and technology, through my artistic practice. Something was missing, though: meaningful conversations with my colleagues about it all. We would talk about exhibitions, grants, and awards we had won, but hardly ever about why we were doing what we do. This is what prompted me to establish KONT magazine. It was a nice excuse to finally seriously connect with all those people who have been left in Eindhoven’s “behind” (Dutch “kont”), as it were, for too long: artists, dancers, photographers, performers, philosophers, architects... and a host of types who do it all.

It got a little bit out of hand.

You see, in addition to an annual publication, KONT magazine, produced entirely by a rotating team of artists, KONT grew (and, indeed, continues to grow) into an extremely lively, organic movement through which sensitive, open- and critically minded artists can meet out in the world, in complete tranquility and safety, and share their passions.

Our KONT Slow Date nights have become famous in Eindhoven and far beyond. We are also constantly thinking up collaborations with cultural and other institutions and businesses in the city. Meanwhile, hundreds of artists have now been involved with KONT at some point or other for various lengths of time. While I am still the main point of contact, I am increasingly able to refer people to other KONT-ers as the situation warrants: KONT is a fluid organization that can be mobilized flexibly...

In 2021, what seems like the blink of an eye, KONT will be celebrating its five years of artistic action! That seems a good moment to show people what we’re worth. The movement’s nomadic, chameleon existence makes it difficult, of course, for outsiders to understand how KONT operates and what kinds of things we set in motion. But fortunately, there’s film for that! And just as fortunately, we have someone like Floor Hofman to help! Floor graduated from the Eindhoven Design Academy as a documentary filmmaker. She showed up to one of our infamous KONT Slow Dates one day, and it was instantly apparent that she was just the right person to create our documentary.

‘How Does KONT Feel’ will consist of a sequence of short fragments in which participants talk about their experience with KONT. Since KONT is a movement of artists of all stripes, it only makes sense that you hear about it straight from the artists themselves! The result will be a visual and aural delight – poetic and evocative, funny, rhythmic and honest. (Floor is a musician, too!)

Equally important, ‘How Does KONT Feel’ will also serve as a useful aid in discussions about the obstacles people face in today’s art world (and the world at large): ambition, globalization, ecology, economy, inclusivity, and ‘work’.

This documentary will bring our uncompromising, open- and critically minded, and friendly attitude toward artistic practice – one removed from disciplines or expertise and grafted onto the DNA of ‘fast’ Eindhoven – to a national and international audience, because naturally we plan to show the film at as many large and small film festivals and art happenings as possible.

And we hope to achieve all that with your support! xxx

By making a donation, you will not only support a unique film by Floor Hofman, but also help create space for a significant movement of artists. KONT resists the zeitgeist, with its algorithms, visions, and missions. Since long before corona, we were working on establishing human contact in our world, our city, and the arts. Partnering through friendship instead of competing!

Naturally, we have some lovely REWARDS for you when you donate! Check out the menu to the right. We are tremendously grateful for any gift you can afford. If you’d like more information about KONT or want to sign up for our newsletter, place visit our website.

Quote that inspired the maker

““We need a miracle to get out of here. And miracles are real; they have happened to me before. Unconditional love, or solidarity, or courageous collective action. Miracles always happen at the right moment in the lives of those with a childlike faith in the triumph of truth over falsehood, of those who believe in mutual aid and live in keeping with the gift economy. You cannot buy the revolution, you can only be the revolution."
Nadya Tolokonnikova in 'Read & Riot: A Pussy Riot Guide'
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