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LOCKLINENoa has to make a decision in her first relationship, does she stay with her girlfriend Moon or will she choose for herself?


We follow 19-year-old Noa at a point when thoughts are racing through her head. Noa is changing, from a shy girl to a self-confident young woman. For the first time, she is in a relationship with Moon: a sturdy, impulsive and charming girl. On the eve of the first anniversary of their relationship, Noa cycles to Moon. 

During the bike ride, her thoughts are distracted and we reminisce through various memories with her during the past year. Noa begins to have doubts about the relationship and must make up her mind tonight… For herself and for Moon.



My name is Cleo Julia Mullis, and I will be graduating this year from the St. Joost Academy of Art and Design. For the concept for this film, I have been inspired by a memory from my own first relationship. I have been contemplating this sensitive idea for the last two years, and it is now time to make this film a reality! 

In this production, I find it important to represent women and female love – and this holds true for the characters as well as the crew. This team of young filmmakers already know each other well and are fully tuned to one another, and is especially strong thanks to their high degree of involvement in this project!


We want to tell a story in which love between girls is central, without the drama of the film being about coming-out or being different. We are in need of a much more diverse image of love between women in films, because this is so often told in stereotypes. I see this film, my graduation project, as a film with personalities with whom I can identify, a film that I myself missed when I was growing up.

With this film, we also hope to imagine a moment in which an important choice in love has to be made, when thoughts and feelings can all run through and against one another. We know how difficult it can be to make a decision and hope that viewers will be able to recognise themselves in this film – indeed, that this film can help bring things into perspective and soften the pain.

In order to achieve all this, we are in need of financial assistance! Both the cast and the crew are all volunteers, but we are in need of your help for equipment, catering, costumes and travel expenses. Your donation will contribute to this exceptional film with a brand-new story about love. Every donation counts, and for each amount, there are special rewards. Please use this page to make your donation, and we hope to see you soon at a presentation of the film you are helping us to make!

Greetings from me and the crew!


This film can be seen during the Graduation Show at the St. Joost Academy of Art and Design in Breda from 2 juli - 6 juli.

If you have any questions or want to let us know something, you can send an email to of

The progress of the project can be followed via @cleojuliamullis 

This film is made possible in part by BNNVARA broadcaster and has been selected for the 3LAB Graduation Contribution.


Quote that inspired the maker

Falling in love is a crazy thing to do. Its kind of like a form of socially acceptable insanity.
Amy Adams in 'Her' - Spike Jonze
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