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LOCKLINEWhile wandering through the night, trying to find the essence of his film, Alex becomes increasingly entangled in balancing fiction and reality.


We, a group of young filmmakers, graduated in 2014 at the Netherlands Film Academy. With our short film Onno de Onwetende we won the Tuschinski Award at the Dutch Film Festival and a fiction Wildcard consisting of €80.000,-. This was the beginning of a successful (inter)national festival tour. The film was also submitted as the Dutch entry for the student Academy Awards (Oscars).

Although the budget seemed appropriate for realizing a short film, we decided with the complete 'Onno' team (ambitious as we were), to make our first feature film instead: NOCTURNE.

In the middle of a creative crisis, the young film director ALEX (27) suddenly finds his girlfriend walking out on him. While wrestling with his deadline, searching for his film’s essence, the only thing Alex actually has to face is himself. More and more, he struggles to find a balance between reality and his own imagination.

Directors statement

Writer Jeroen Scholten van Aschat and I often work on the basis of a collection of thoughts, questions, narrative threads and conceptual ideas, through which we find that one key element that connects them all. We don’t really subscribe to the “less is more” principle, but find more common ground with filmmakers such as Jean-Luc Godard: “I’d rather not tell a story. I’d much rather use some sort of pattern or guideline, a basis that allows me to further develop my own ideas. But I often turn out to actually need a story in the end.”

The soul of our film lies in the imagination of our protagonist’s mental journey. This calls for a different interpretation of what we call “reality”. Alex’s world does not merely consist of whatever takes place in front of our eyes, but, more importantly, of whatever happens behind them: thoughts, ideas, inspiration, memories, fears, doubts, dreams, and visions. Elements that, more often than not, don’t contain an exact logic or structure.


We have shot the major part of the film, about 80%. We're happy to say that it looks fantastic! Within the upcoming months we will shoot the last missing part of the film. This means the shooting of the film will finish at the end of December. In the meantime we already started the edit of the film. In the beginning of 2017 we'll finish the edit and post-production. Nocturne's premiere is scheduled for spring 2017!

Why we need your donation?

There are several companies and people who are helping us to realize Nocturne, but to finish the film in the way that it deserves, we still need some additional money. Therefore it would be great if you can help us out! 

With your help we can finance the last days of shooting, the post-production of the film and a succesfull release. In addition, after a donation you'll remain informed of all development up to the release. We'll take you on a unique journey that we started two years ago. In return we're also offering some nice rewards.

Some of the rewards are offered by partners and friends of the film. One important partner is Cinetree. Cinetree is a online video-on-demand platform, they hand-pick features and documentaries for their subscribers on a weekly base. Cinetree uses their entire profit to develop and produce new films / documentaries. Cinetree have made a large number of subscriptions available for our film. For more information see the website of Cinetree. Click here to go to the website!

The talented young team with whom we started this adventure, the power of the narrative and the excellent cast make Nocturne a special project. We hope you are as excited as we are and that we'll fight together to take Nocturne to the cinemas!

Kind regards,

The Nocturne team


It's possible to contribute to the film in a different way. You can also be investors and thus share in the film's revenue. For more information please contact:


Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

Those lacking in imagination take refuge in reality.
Jean-Luc Godard - Adieu au Langage
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