No Place for a Rebel - an update from the field

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Dear supporters of No Place for a Rebel,

It's been a while since you have heard from us. And this update is sent from a very special place: we are in Gulu, Northern Uganda!

As you all know, we still had to film one last time with Opono Opondo but before we could jump on a plane to Gulu we had to prepare very well. After months of great teamwork of our Dutch/ Ugandan team consisting of translators Ronald, Bobbi, and Richard, editor Merel and ourselves, we managed to get on that plane early July with a (quite :)) clear idea of what to do in the coming weeks.

So here we are... in hot and dusty Gulu. And as always it's great to be back, to see Opono and work with our wonderful friend and translator Victor again. It's fantastic, difficult and rewarding at the same time. We need to flexible and adaptive and so much more that cannot be described in a few words. But one thing is sure, we wish we could stay much longer.

If you want to follow our adventures, please check our facebook No Place for a Rebel.

We wish you all a great summer with lots of sunshine and maybe even an occasional jump in the sea or pool.

Warm regards from Gulu, Uganda

Maartje and Ariadne

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