Within a Walled World, the Arrival

Within a Walled World, the Arrival
A Documentary by Josefien van Kooten & Anna Witte
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LOCKLINEOn the shores of a small Greek village hundreds of refugees arrive daily. A film about the European identity and the call for responsibility.

'The arrival' is a documentary focused on the scenery at the walls of the "fortress Europe". In a small Greek village, the economy of which is mainly based on tourism, different parties are being confronted with the reality of Europe's immigration policy.

Dumpsters along the beaches are filled with life vests, and with every wave broken dinghy's are being pushed back to the shoreline. Inequality between people becomes seldom so visible as on a beach where in the morning refugees arrive and in the afternoon tourist are sunbathing.

The world of the news, the television and actuality suddenly adjoins the world of the person that normally only consumes the news from his sofa. The tourist is thus confronted with his television reality but how does this experience relate to the information that he daily gets at home?

The question of responsibilty arises; responsibility of the locals, of the tourists, of the government, but above all of the media. But as many reports we can produce or as much filming we can do on a daily basis, what is the true function of these reports in the media? Expectations often being high, the outcome might turn out differently and not at all as being desired.

Dit project is mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Brabants kenniscentrum kunst en cultuur.

Quote that inspired the maker

Refugee: Do you live here? Tourist: No no, I am just on a holliday..... but I try to help....  Refugee: I hope one day, I can also come back for my holiday.
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