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To our finest ambassadors, 

WE MADE IT! We just spoke to Cinecrowd and because we past 80% of our crowdfunding we can keep all your donations to get Breaking Borders on the big screen!!

We are so, so, so thankfull for every single one of your donations and we will make sure this documentary will look great even if we have a little less money to spent on it. However, to be transparant, we and all the funders were in this for the 100% and even though we are very close, we haven't made the full 100%.

So if you feel like this campaign shouldn't be marked as 'succesfull' you can send us an e-mail and we'll see what we can do regarding your donation. We hope, nevertheless, you will believe in us like you did before by donating! We can still use every single penny!

Once again, we thank you to the moon and back because without you, we would never be able to make this! We will start working on your rewards soon! 


Barbara & Fatima | Directors Breaking Borders

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