Through Glass
A Documentary by Marleen Stoker & Tessa van Harmelen
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LOCKLINEElma and Jur are extremely nearsighted (-25). The consequences are life changing for Elma, but what about her younger brother Jur?

Through Glass tells the story of the 23-year old Elma Keijzer and her younger brother Jur (18). Both are trying to find their way in life dispite their extreme myopia(nearsightedness). Due to the consequenses of this myopia their vision is only to become worse.

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Elma (23) and Jur (18) 


The story

Elma and Jur are both extremely nearsighted: Elma with a visus of -22 and Jur with a visus of -25. As a consequense to their nearsightedness their eyes have become so large their retina shows cracks. This is especially a problem for Elma, her cracks become scars wich cause her to see a distorted perception of reality. “It’s as if you look through a glass of water, the world is swirling around you when you look through a scar”, Elma explains.

Elma in her room in Leiden
In the early days when Jur was just a little boy, doctors pointed out the similarites between his eyes and Elma’s. So when Elma’s retina began to crack, Jur started to panic. The everlasting question was: Will I ever get the same scars as Elma? Jur tries to live with this possible future and does everything in his power to succeed in school. He needs to, if he ever wants to start his own dairy farm in Canada.
Jur might endure the same complications as his older sister Elma


Through Glass tells the story of Elma and Jur, where they come from, what they’ve overcome to get here and how they perceive the future.



Both Elma and Jur experience a lack of understanding from the people around them. After all, at first sight you can’t see something is wrong. “People are often offended by me not greeting them on the street, but it is not some kind of arrogance. I just simply don’t see them”, says Elma. With this documentary we want to create more awareness for handicaps that aren’t visible at first sight. As people we are used to putting everything in these little boxes, which is why we should listen first instead of making preconceptions about things and other people. It might not be obvious that someone has a handicap, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Elma (23)



Nowadays we do more and more from computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones than ever before. Because of that we spend most of our time just a few inches from a screen. This isn’t in our eye’s best interest, and as a consequense of that we become more and more nearsighted. For most people this means they need reading glasses at an early age, but some of us will experience more inconveniences as their myopia turns into extreme nearsightedness wich means a vision of -6 and more. According to Caroline Klaver (opthalmologist at Erasmus MC), they see less than 10% without glasses or lenses.

Jur (18), Nout (21) and Elma (23) at home when they were little kids


CampusDoc International Film Festival

On the fifth of june our documentary wil premiere during the CampusDoc International Film Festival in the Louis Hartlooper Complex in Utrecht. For more information about the festival and the other documentaries you can have a look on


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Quote that inspired the maker

My eyes are like a time bomb...
Elma Keijzer (23)
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