A Documentary by Josta van zoonen & Simone Oosterbaan
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LOCKLINEA documentary about the life of the 17 year old model and wheelchairfencer Elke van Achterberg.



Resilience tells the story of the 17 year old Elke van Achterberg. When Elke was 11 years old she was diagnosed with CRPS (Comples Regional Pain Syndrome). Because of her resilience her life made a 180 degree turn. 


Living with nerve pain 24 hours a day... It happend to Elke when she was only 11 years old. She was playing with her younger sister on their parents bed when Elke broke her big toe. Because of that accident Elke got diagnosed with CRPS. Elke was looking for a way to help her express her feelings and she found wheelchairfencing. Two years ago Elke made the dicision to amputate her lower left leg with the hope she would be pain free. Now Elke is fencing in the highest competion in the world and is also modeling. She wants to inspire others with her story: because being resilient can get you very far in life.


If you are supporting Resilience you are helping us with realizing our first documentary. As young filmmakers we would like to use the money for our post-production stages (editing, color corrections, autio mastering and the English subtitles) as well as bringing Resilience to filmfestivals around the world. Every donation is welcome and will help us finish this documentary. As a supporter you will be a part of this film and we will keep you informed throughout this project. 


We are Simone Oosterbaan and Josta van Zoonen. We met eachother during our time at The School of Journalism and instantly knew we wanted to make a documentary. Simone met Elke 4 years ago and she was immediatly inspired by her story. In those 4 years Elke developed not only as a person but also as a professional athlete. Her lifestory is so inspering, touching and we got very attached to it. If we have learned one thing from Elke it is that when you reach your lowest point possible there is always a way up!


Quote that inspired the maker

'When I put on that mask, I'm releasing the beast within'
Elke Lale van Achterberg