Van Mars naar Venus

From Mars to Venus
A Short film by Kevin Kok
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About the project
LOCKLINEGijs joins his father to learn as a boatsmen. During their trip he doesn't dare to share his need to crossdress.


Gijs is a seventeen-year-old who together with his father will sail from The Netherlands to Belgium. It was a long time ago that father and son were dependent on each other. On the deck, their communication flows naturally, but words are not as easily found in their personal conversations. Gijs is living a double live: sometimes he feels the urge to dress himself as a woman. Gijs is a crossdresser. He hides this part of himself, as he is afraid of what others might think.


It is of societal importance that the media portray an accurate picture of a diverse society. Professor Rosemarie Buikema (Art, Culture and Diversity at University Utrecht) shared the following during a lecture:

“Your fantasy is influenced by the stories you hear and they contribute to the possibility of identifying yourself. Certain groups are underrepresented in these stories, making it more difficult for them to develop their own identity.”

This line of reasoning is easy to picture. Imagine you identify with heterosexuality, but you have never seen this in the media or in your environment. Would you feel confident enough to express yourself as a heterosexual, not knowing if anyone else has this same sexual identity?

With this vision in mind, we believe it is important that we create this film. We feel that people who crossdress are underrepresented in both the media and in society. This film will contribute to their representation, hopefully making them feel heard and stimulating them to build up the courage to express themselves as crossdressers.


We are a group of young filmmakers that possess the skills and knowledge to turn this script into a wonderful movie. Each crew and cast member works voluntarily and we have the support of companies that will give discounts and donations. This indicates that there is much confidence in this project. Unfortunately, trust alone is not sufficient for the realization of this film.

Despite the financial investment from the filmmakers, there is still a gap to fill in our budget. Coverage of this gap means that we can afford the ship with cargo that will take Gijs to Liege, unique props, clothing, camera gear, and travelling expenses. Your donation will significantly increase the quality of this film, which is highly needed in order to give this subject the attention it needs.

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The protected link that directs to the film is visible for one week, so you have the time to whatch the film.

Participation viewing
When donating more than 75 euro, you are welcome to participate in our first viewing. In this way you are able to make a difference in our film by giving feedback. After the viewing there is a meet and greet / Q&A with the filmmakers. 

Bottles and the gift baskets from Pronck, filmposters, DVD's and USB's can only be given at the premiere. (Posters could be given at the viewing session)

If you donate the "It's a wrap" award, you will receive the scooter we use in the film. The scooter will be presented in March on our Facebook page. 


Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

I think anything is possible to anyone who dreams, dares, works and never gives up.
Xavier Dolan
This project was successfully funded on 16-03-2017

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