United By Fire

United By Fire
A Documentary by Katie Stover
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About the project
LOCKLINEFirefighters and burn survivors team up to climb Carstensz Pyramid in an expedition about overcoming personal obstacles.

‘United by Fire’ is seeking funding to complete the final filming and editing of the documentary. We have set our budget at a minimum to make this film a reality. The expedition itself has already been filmed so all further funds will help with the final filming to be done with interviews and reconstructions and the final editing of the film.

We want to expose this beautiful and courageous documentary to as many people as possible. Through the personal stories of the film’s burn survivors, we hope to inspire others who have experienced a life changing injury or trauma or anyone who needs a small injection of inspiration to overcome their own challenges, whatever they may be.

We need 12,000 Euros to complete the film. 

The rest of the filming will take place in December 2015 and January 2016, and the final editing will take place immediately thereafter. 

We are aiming for a festival run or a TV premiere in 2016. We are currently in discussion with Discovery Channel Benelux for a ready made delivery.

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About the Documentary

‘United by Fire’, follows the preparation and journey of a team through the challenging terrain of West Papua to reach the mysterious and illusive Carstensz Pyramid, the highest peak in Australasia. The film follows Rene Tol, Gita van Duinen and Dominique Georges who have all overcome horrific burn injuries, including the infamous night club fire in Volendam, teaming up with three firemen from the Dutch city of Amsterdam. 

In an upfront encounter, three people who know the pain of fire and three people whose very job it is to save people from fire, join forces on a unique adventure, blended with the rich Papuan culture, to achieve a common goal. It is not only a physical one, but one that proves that a life changing injury does not have to rule your life, and that you still can achieve what ever your dreams may be... inspiring others to follow their own challenges.

Thank you

United by Fire is a special project for everyone involved. The expedition was life changing and the enduring impact resonates in every one of the film’s characters. The people who are a part of the film have moved, touched, and inspired many people through their own indiviual journeys already. This film is just another way for others to be encouraged by them to live life to the fullest.

To have your financial support to get everyone’s story out there is greatly appreciated.

If you can't support the film, we ask you to share this page over any social media accounts and please pass on to friends/family and colleagues! 

Thank you for wanting to be part of this memorable film!


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