A Feature film by Michelle Linders & Hakim Amir
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LOCKLINEZoey and Helen, two best friends, dream of becoming stars. But can their friendship stand the difficulties the road to success brings?


We are Michelle and Hakim, two young and enthusiastic filmmakers. Michelle initiated this project because she always had a big dream and ambition to produce movies and inspire the world around her. In order to do so, she gathered an entire crew and that is how she met Hakim, the director. He too has a big fascination for film, art, graphics, and motion. Both are very enthusiastic about this project! This project is produced by TML Music and Media Productions.



Unconditional tells the story of two best friends, Zoey and Helen, who both have a big dream and ambition to become great stars. In order to follow their dream, they move into a shared house with other people with the same ambition, David, Billy, and Susie, and audition from there. Unfortunately, along the way, they get confronted with the reality of the rejection and disappointment that that world brings, which really derails their friendship and they have to make a choice. Do they keep following their ultimate dream, or do they choose each other...



Why we really want to make this movie is because we want to address a current, but yet, a sneaky topic that is the growing individualism amongst people these days. More often you see relationships breaking up or friendships dying, because people are just no longer willing to fight for it and walk away whenever there's no longer enough in it for them, or dreams that are never realized because people no longer want to actually work hard for what they want. With this movie, we want to show a certain perspective on that subject.



Our team consists of people with all kinds of backgrounds. We wanted to offer beginners just as many opportunities as professionals within this movie. Our team is highly motivated and ambitious and we all really believe in this message and project. That is why we all work on a voluntary basis. 

Unfortunately, there are still things to be paid. That is why we are doing this crowdfund. With the money we raise, we will pay for the equipment, locations, food and drinks on set, marketing and promotion so we can reach a broad, international audience, permits and so on. 

We cannot bring this vision to the big screen without your help, so if you believe in this project and in this message, please donate on our crowdfunding and help us inspire and motivate people, especially the new generation.

We will be eternally grateful for your help and generosity.


Quote that inspired the maker

"We chose to highlight friendship because that really shows the choice. There is no blood that ties them together or romantic feelings that blind them. Just a pure choice."
Michelle Linders
This project was closed on 07-07-2019

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