Two To Tango

Two To Tango
A Short film by Dimitri Sterkens
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About the project
LOCKLINETwelve world leaders assemble in a war room to play a game on life and death in which they have to dance tango. Last man standing.

Two To Tango is the new short film by Belgian director Dimitri Sterkens, who is aiming his sights at the highest level of world politics.

The film handles about twelve world leaders who assemble in a war room to play a game on life and death in which they have to dance tango and have to eliminate each other. Last man standing.

Dimitri’s previous short On Attend, that criticized the European immigration policy, was a festival’s favourite and got awarded multiple times with an Ensor (i.e. a Belgian Oscar) in 2018 and the Audience Award at the Sundance Shorts in London as the cherry on the cake.


Director’s statement

Two To Tango is a story about cooperation. How, especially in these turbulent times, we should be working together instead of fighting each other. Keeping our eyes on the bigger picture is however no easy task, as countries and political movements these days gradually shift back to extremes — a tendency that keeps repeating itself throughout history.

Some compare world politics with a circus... I prefer to see it as one big tango. A dance in which world leaders show their very best intentions to the outside world, but once the music stops, they continue their game of hard ball.

With these dynamics in mind, and inspired by the English idiom “It takes two to tango”, we wrote a powerful and moving script for which we casted twelve experienced tango dancers with diverse roots to star as our world leaders.

The film focuses on the emotional storyline of Lima, one of the world leaders, who tries to break out of the endless and absurd cycle of violence. Will she succeed to survive on her own? Or does she need to form an alliance with one of her competitors?

In any case, Two To Tango is an emotional rollercoaster. An extremely visual one, as there are no dialogues in the film. It’s tango. Shooting. Tango. Shooting.

I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished together. We rehearsed for over a month, along with our Argentine choreographer Anibal Lautaro, who designed 11 unique choreographies, based on “El Mundo” — an original tango song, especially composed by the Argentine talent Guillermo Fernandez. And the result… just looks amazing!

I can’t thank my cast and crew enough for their unconditional support. I’m extremely humbled to see how they sticked with me until the very end, and how they helped me to give this film the character it deserved.


By now, we have shot and edited the film and we can only say that it looks fantastic! Next month, in December, the film will however have already its world premiere and in these last days, we are working hard to finish the music, sound and visual effects of the film.

The project got up to now supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Sabam for Culture and the Belgian tax shelter for film financing via Flanders Film Funding.

Why donate?

Although there are many people and several financing partners helping us to realise Two to Tango, we need a last bit of help to finish the film in the way it deserves. With your help, we can finance the visual effects and finish the film in the way it should be and release it worldwide.

Of course, when you make a donation, you will be kept informed of all developments up to and including the release. We will take you with us on the unique journey we have started! And of course, in return, we have some cool rewards as well!

The talented young team with whom we started this adventure, the power of storytelling and the great cast make it for a special project. We hope that you will be just as enthusiastic as we are and that together we will make it possible to bring Two to Tango to the big screen in the way the film deserves it!

Quote that inspired the maker

Some compare world politics with a circus... I prefer to see it as one big tango.
Dimitri Sterkens (director)
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