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LOCKLINEA Fryslân - Ukraine traveling residence documented. Go with us on this journey.

Then the whole journey starts with one single song…

A Fryslân - Ukraine traveling residence documented. A journey into unknown territories, tackling prejudice, connecting community’s and supporting talent development. Sharing know-how, working methods and experiences through a learning by doing approach. Go with us on this journey.

Respublica FEST in cooperation with Popfabryk and Astriks in Residence organizes this international travelling residency from Khmelnytsky to Leeuwarden from August 30th till September 9th 2018. The singer-songwriters Sasha Boole (Ukraine) and YVI (Netherlands) will travel and work together creating new songs. Olexander Kokhan (Ukraine) and Jan Martien Dekker (Netherlands) will cooperate in making a short documentary about the travel, the work and the challenges they face.

The question, which will be raised; are we really so divergent living in different countries far away from each other? 

The opportunity to make a documentary about this traveling residence and get it broadcast by Omrop Fryslân and NPO 2, and screened at the Noordelijk Film Festival are within reach. For the quality of the filmmaterial we have to invest in adequate equipment and post production..and therefore we would like you to be involved.


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Then the whole journey starts with one single song…
Ilona Dmukhovska
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