As Things Go

As Things Go
An Experimental film by Silvia Martes
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LOCKLINEA young girl happens to lose one thing every single day but when she finds them again, they are in a completly different context.



As Things Go is a film about materialism. About the love for objects, but as well as losing those objects to find them again. I think everybody is familiar with losing something what is precious and sometimes we are lucky enough to find again. That is a truly nice feeling right? As if that thing was meant especially for you. But sometimes the thing is gone, traveling, without you.

As an artist, filmmaker, I am very intriged by materialism and especially the relationship that human beings have with objects in their house. A few years ago I decided I had too much clothing. Beautiful things for sure in which I saw some sort of potential but never used. I wonderd If a picture of the garment would also be a valid replacement. I photographed every single garment, made a book out of it and sold my clothing in a concept store which sold out within a matter of a few fays. Now, I have a book filled with memories of vintage dresses, skirts, jackets, shoes, jewelry and no, all those things I don't miss.

As Things Go tells the story of a young woman, Priscilla. She lives in a colourful house with large white doors, surrounded by the things that she likes but strangely enough, she loses one thing every single day. One morning she wants to water her plants but her bonsai tree is missing. She searches everywhere, without any luck. She then goes through the large white doors to arrive in a Japanese garden surrounded by slowly moving geishas. The next day she is having dinner with her boyfriend. Something happens outside, she looks outside of the window to see what is going on. She turns around and her boyfriend has dissapeared. She searches everywhere without any luck. Then she goes through the large white doors and she finds her boyfriend in the arms of another girl.

As Things Go is a film about losing things, people, but to then find them again in a completely different context. I really want this film to become reality because next to the fact that its innovative experimental, it will also give a different view on materialism. We live in a time where a lot seems to evolve around having, getting. What happens if we lose, but find ourselves in a way we did not foresee but what eventually feels right?

The house of Priscilla will be a set that I will be making in a professional studio and the spaces she arrives in after she has gone through the white doors will be filmed on location in the Netherlands and abroad. Priscilla will travel far in search for the thing that she has lost and I want her to travel as far as possible. For this film, I will be working with a crew consisting out of young professionals. And there is something else which is very special. The usual dialogue in film will be replaced with sounds and music and for this I will be working with fantastic musicians. Next to a beautiful film, a special soundtrack will be produced.

For all these special facets money is truly needed! So if you can support what you can, me and my crew will be truly grateful! This film I also pitched as part of a competition for ShortsTv, at the Netherlands Film Festival and from the 17 finalists the jury picked my film! I won 5000 euro production costs! They believe in my film and hopefully you do too.On to the 10.000. Will you help?




Quote that inspired the maker

I don't suffer of anything that I've lost.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
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