They call me BUSKER

They call me BUSKER
A Documentary by Herman Marynissen
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LOCKLINEStreet theatre appeals to one’s imagination. But behind this facade of curiosity, laughter, clowning and illusion lies a harsh reality.

They call me busker...

Street theatre is one of the oldest disciplines amongst the performing arts. At the same time, it is an often underestimated and ignored form of art.

Performing on the street is very intense, though. Physically as well as mentally, the busker should stand firm: “it’d better be good!”.

Again and again, he’s in a fascinating battle to capture and keep the attention of the passers-by.

New locations, complex local laws and unexpected weather circumstances are continuous challenges in getting to a successful act.

It requires creativity and craftsmanship to arrive at a successful performance.

'’They call me BUSKER' is a documentary about the unknown life of a street artist. A life full of passion, creativity, contradictions and fellowship, as a necessity to be able to survive.

We give the audience a poignant look backstage, without shattering the magic of street theatre.



Every time I was in a touristic city like Paris, Florence, Barcelona, New York  or any other place in the world and I saw street artists at work, I always thought they were shabby beggars at least doing SOMETHING for the money that was thrown at them.

Then I got into contact with Steven Luca, who asked me to make a movie about his work and his life.

He took us to festivals and fairs, managed to get us to cultural organisations and international culture fairs.

An unknown world opened up to us.

A world that risks to be lost, now that world-wide street theatre and the amount of street artists is diminishing.

That’s why there’s the urge to capture a busker’s life in a movie, as a valuable contribution to international cultural heritage.

We want to share our centuries-old, rich, popular an cultural history with our next generations.


For me, this documentary is a tribute to and a plea for the amazing profession of being a busker.

Street theatre has been the best school for both my professional and my personal development.


With this documentary, we want people to be touched.

'They call me BUSKER' will travel around the world and will visit film festivals everywhere.


We want displays in cultural houses and performances with which we want to reach as many people as possible, young ones as well as less young ones.

That’s why we, right from the start, opt for a realization in 4 languages: Dutch, French, English and German. A Spanish, Papua and Mandarin version is already keeping us awake.


Since March 2016, we’ve produced and financed about 75% of all footage. We did this all by ourselves.

Most of the shots have already been taken, in the Netherlands, in Belgium and in Germany. What’s lacking is the last 25% to be able to bring the whole project to an end.

A substantial cost on the budget is the post-production, i.e. the translations, the editing, the colour- and sound processing and the subtitles. Finally, there are costs related to the promotion of the project.

We need 6.000 euro to complete the movie. Nevertheless, we dare ask you to keep on donating beyond this target amount in order to stillimprove this important documentary and to be able to reach more people.

For (Dutch) companies and individuals,Cinecrowd offers interesting tax benefits: check

The release of the movie is planned in April 2018, with a special happening during the cultural world heritage day.

Quote that inspired the maker

“Artists, acrobats, organ grinders, photographers, street singers … They are downright beggars who exploit their shabby appearance ... Looked upon in a down-to-earth way, a beggar is nothing but a businessman who, just like other businessmen, lives on what his hands find.”
George Orwell
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