Thalassophiles, "A surfers mind"

Thalassophiles, "A surfers mind"
A Documentary by Charlotte Eckebus & Tomas Grootveld
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About the project
LOCKLINEThalassophiles: a documentary about individuals who love the ocean and a display of the impact of surfing on your body & mind.

Idea behind the movie

''Thalassophile: Someone who loves the sea, ocean; a lover of the ocean''

Thalassophiles “A surfers mind” shows you the impact of surfing on your life, body and mind. We will follow two individuals that use surfing as a guidebook in their lives; Cainã Souza da Silva & Carine van den Berg.

Cainã was born in a small village in Brazil; Baía da Traição. He taught himself how to surf on a piece of wood when he was only seven years old. It was hard for him to find a proper surfboard. Through persistence he was able to create opportunities for himself and he is working hard to make surfing his source of income. Cainã is a super positive and thankfull person. He puts all his effort in surfing competitions, aiming to reach the top 30 of the best surfers in the world. His dream is to be able to financially provide his family and friends back home in Brazil. He currently resides in Scheveningen, the Netherlands, where he lives with his Dutch girlfriend.                                                                                        

Together with Cainã, we will travel to his hometown in Brazil. We'll get a look inside his place where he started surfing. We'll also film his current life. Who is Cainã? Where does he live? How does he spend his days? How does he deal with competitions? What happens to his body? And how does he mentally prepare himself? 

Besides Cainã we will follow Carine, a globetrotter born and raised in Amsterdam. After her studies in Clinical Psychology, she started working at Surfana as a surfteacher. In 2015 she became co-owner of Surfana Surftrips. She spends about four months a year surf tripping in different countries throughout Europe, which enables her to share her passion for surfing with the surf trip guests. Carine is a charismatic and inspiring woman that lives her life fully and open minded. Her dream is to set up a place where she can spend her life with her loved ones and create different kinds of things she would like to share with guests. We follow her in the search for such a place.                                                                              

Surfing is a lot more than just riding a board and hanging out on the beach. We dive into the physiology and psychology behind surfing. Therefore we'll be following Tim Binkhorst and Alex Spiller. 
Tim is a physiotherapist, manual orthopedic & dry needling therapist. He is the founder of Flowfysio. He specializes in different sports, but mainly surfing. His view on the human body is innovative. He has a lot of knowledge about the link between body and mind and is eager to tell us more. Tim is also the physiotherapist for the Dutch surfing team.

Alex studied Sport Science and did research regarding the psychological, sociological and metaphysical effects of surfing. 

The movie gives you a good impression of what life looks like if you choose to stay close to the ocean and to nature. You feel the intensity, pure love and joy of Cainã & Carine when they surf, but we will also cover the uncertainties that cross their paths. How is it to chase waves? To move around a lot? To continuously evolve yourself in a sport? What does their relationship to the ocean look like?


After working as a producer in the commercial sector for some years, Charlotte got burned out. The only thing left on her mind was surfing and so she started traveling around the world and working in places with good surf. Close to the ocean and mother nature. It brought her back to the person she once was. During these years, her passion for producing or 'telling stories' never faded. Real stories. About life. Stories that make you think. Stories that show the beauty that life has to offer. 


With this film, Charlotte want to show us what the ocean and surfing can give you in life. The power, intensity, the depths, the mirrors. By sharing this, she hopes that our love for the ocean can grow and be strengthened. To cherish what we have and take good care of it. 

This film is for anyone that feels attracted to the ocean and surfing. And for the open-minded ones that are curious to what the ocean can tell you more about life.

Quote that inspired the maker

"Life is very, very simple and easy to understand, but we complicate it with the beliefs and ideas that we create"
Don Miguel Ruiz
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