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LOCKLINEIn this film we follow Elenora. A 25 year old, mentally damaged woman who joins a cult. She wants to, or rather has to, become one of them.

A collaboration between film, music and mixed with our own language; a short film about mental and physical abuse.


A mentally damaged woman walks towards the only lit house/camp in a deserted enviroment. Here she finds a group of diverse people and wants nothing more than be part of this. She longs for a feeling of belonging after spending years in loneliness. But only by giving up her identity she can be one of them and earn her place.

Filmmaker Kaylee Meijer (23 years old) wants to graduate with the short film ‘’Talitioah’’. In the past years she made several short films between the 7 and 25 minutes. This film will be her callingcard as a director, her graduation project and to put her past behind her.

The thematics of the film are inspired by Kaylee’s past. The strength she gained from that she will use to make her biggest film so far.

As the director and writer of ‘’Talitioah’’ Kaylee has written a script for a 25 minute long film. ‘’It was tough writing this story. How do you find the balace? Where do you draw the line? What is acceptable?’’ Kaylee likes to stay close to reality which means you have to seek the boundaries and have to think outside the preverbial box.

But we want to take it even further. We want to create an endproduct in which film, music and a language created by the director, all come together in the early stages of the film.


For her new film she is inspired by her own past and that of her enviroment. She wants to incorporate this in her film and open a discussion about subjects such as brainwashing, peer pressure and abuse. 

‘’Lars von Trier is a huge inspiration to me. His film are very realistic and he shows what other filmmakers dare not show. This, as a director, really speaks to me. – Kaylee.


All creative parties and production company Okay Media are working voluntarilly on this project. But to take this film to the level all involved parties want to, we will be needing additional budget. Our goal is to make a film on an international level that can really do well in the film festival world.

When you donate you become part of this production. And through your generosity we can make the film the way it deserves to be made.

Do you want to be extra special within this production? Check out the special rewards we have lined up for you. They can be found on the website.

We cannot wait to get started! Will you help us? Be part of our team! Thank you for all your help and support!

Quote that inspired the maker

''May our young soul be reborn and return to our love...''
This project was closed on 16-01-2019

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