A TAIKA Kind of Magic

A TAIKA Kind of Magic
Een Documentaire van Inka Tiainen & Juan Martin
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LOCKLINETAIKA–the Finnish female choir based in the Netherlands–was born from the ashes of a broken dream and has grown into an empowering musical sisterhood.

Finnish Karla-Maria Toiviainen grew up with music. Both her parents and both her grandfathers were professional musicians. Karla-Maria wanted to follow in their footsteps, but due to an unfortunate accident, things did not go as planned.

Karla-Maria studied to become a cantor-organist, but before her career had even properly started, something unexpected happened. She fell over on a slippery parking lot and her other shoulder was injured permanently. It didn’t recover enough to meet the requirements of a professional organ player. She was not able to play for long enough periods at a time, and she had to give up her career and let go of her dream. She did not, however, let go of music. Instead, she founded the Finnish female choir TAIKA based in the Hague.

Karla-Maria moved to the Netherlands nine years ago with her husband who got a job in the Hague. At first, their plan was to live there only for a short period of time, but after the first year it was clear that their stay would be much longer.

The story of TAIKA began in 2012 after Karla-Maria posted a notice on Facebook. Since then, the choir has grown into a full ensemble of Finnish singers living in the Netherlands.



What combines this group of singing women—besides gender—is friendship, Finnishness, the occasional homesickness, and above all music. These elements tie the group together to form a unified, energetic and empowering sisterhood that shines through in their singing and performing, and touches the listener. This is what our documentary will be about.

We want to portray women who are actively creating their own lives and making things happen and dreams come true, despite possible difficulties or setbacks on the way. Karla-Maria has the kind of drive and TAIKA has the kind of positive energy and shared emotion that is really inspiring and that we wish to showcase in our documentary.



It takes more than magic

TAIKA is the Finnish word for magic. However, in order to carry out this project as ambitiously and professionally as we wish to, we do need something more than the magical singers we already have. We need Your help. Making a documentary is a long and multi-phase process that takes time and money.

With the help of donations, we will be able to invest in perfect sound quality and professional colour correction. Extra funding will also enable us to hire some truly needed filming assistance. We are extremely grateful for every donation—even the tiniest generosity will make a difference and push us forward towards our goal.

By supporting us financially, you become an important part of the project. So please, help us raise the documentary a level higher.


In case of any questions or comments on our work and the documentary, please do not hesitate to contact us through email (in English, Finnish or Spanish): taikadocumentary@gmail.com

To keep yourself updated, you can also follow us on Instagram: @taika.documentary

 For more information about the choir, visit their website:  http://www.taikachoir.com

Quote die de filmmaker inspireerde

Music begins where the possibilities of language end.
Jean Sibelius
This project was successfully funded on 11-01-2020

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