Stilte in de Nacht

Stilte in de nacht
A Documentary by Lisanne van Spronsen en Milou op ten Berg
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LOCKLINESilence night tells the story about Joyce de Ruiter. Her world will become dark and silent one day. What do you do when you become deaf and blind?


Joyce de Ruiter has been living for 20 years knowing that one day her world will be quiet and dark. When she was sixteen years old, she was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome, just like her brother. Usher syndrome is a rare hereditary condition with a progressive character. Her path to acceptance was accompanied by three burn-outs, but now she uses the diagnosis as her strength, gives lectures and is an inspiration to many.


Usher syndrome is a rare hereditary disorder in which children are born deaf or hard of hearing and experience loss of sight in addition to night blindness. In the end, people with Usher syndrome become deaf and blind. There are 400,000 people living with this syndrome all over the world, 1,000 of whom live in the Netherlands.
(source: Usher syndrome foundation)


We noticed that no one, to whom we told about Usher syndrome, had never heard of it. For us, as documentary makers, image and sound are our lives. That is why we cannot imagine what it would be like if you could no longer experience it. We therefore believe that there should be more recognition for this and, in particular, the story of Joyce. She shows that, despite a major change, you can still be positive in life. Even though no treatment is possible at the moment, progress has been made in recent years. That is why we donate 15% of our Crowdfunding to the Usher Syndrome Foundation, which is committed to funding research projects into the treatment of Usher syndrome. In this way, we want to contribute to the future of everyone for whom their world is becoming dark and quiet.

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We need your help to make this extraordinary documentary a reality. Because to make this documentary as special as Joyce's story, we need money. With this money we can achieve the best results. With your donation you not only support the realisation of the documentary, but also Stichting Ushersyndroom. As a thank you, we will also raffle off rewards among the donors, such as an autographed book by Joyce and an (online) Q&A with us as makers.

Quote that inspired the maker

"Would you choose deaf or blind? I can not choose, because of the Usher syndrome I will be deaf and blind."
Joyce de Ruiter
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