From The Snow-Covered Hill

From The Snow-Covered Hill
An Animation by Matty Jorissen & Wijnand Driessen
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Project Information

About the project
LOCKLINETenseful and emotional look on bullying, depression and the power of a little friendship through the eyes of a child. Magical and dark 2D animation.

Left behind at an isolated boarding school, young Will quickly becomes a target for bullying. Only the friendship from a small bird gives him solace. As the bullying worsens, Will’s means of escaping the world grow darker.. 

Who we are

We, Matty Jorissen and Wijnand Driessen, have collaborated since 3rd grade. Drawing and making up stories has been a huge part of our lives. It seemed extremely obvious to start an animation studio: ‘Matte! Nande?’

In our career as filmmakers (and watchers) we discovered we love stories that entertain while talking about important issues. Heavy themes become accessible to a broad audience.

The film's themes

This animated short shows what bullying can do to a young person. The story developed over many conversations about current news items and observations from our own youth. Especially these latter anecdotes inspired us to approach the story from the eyes of a child. How does it feel as a child to be abandoned? How does a child see bullying? What kind of thoughts go through a depressed child’s mind? But also: what does it feel like to, in the middle of all of this, find bright spots of happiness in even the littlest of friendships?

Character sketches.

This pitch garnered enthusiasm from producers Walking The Dog and Seriousfilm, who decided to produce the film.

The film's style

The film will be made in 2D animation. This allows situations to be slightly exaggerated in a believable manner. Adult themes and childlike thoughts can be combined seamlessly. The style of storytelling and drawing will display our European roots, while also hinting to American classics and studio Ghibli magic. All with a dark twist.

Background painting from the film.


We’ve always admired handmade animated movies. But pencils, ink and paint have always been by our side as well. That’s why we’re painting all the backgrounds by hand. They will give the film a tangible, unique feeling and will especially in an overpowering digital era be a welcome change of sight

How you can help

A film costs a lot of time and effort to make. With the support of crowdfunding we can work together with a talented team to finish the last part of the animation process before the end of the year.

What the film mostly looks like now vs what the film will look like when it's finished.

Specially for you we have put together a selection of unique prices, available at reasonable amounts. They all fit our love for the handmade.

Available rewards.

Don’t have the budget for the grand prizes? Don’t be sad, we appreciate the smallest of donations, and will give away a special prize amongst the first 50 donors. The first 25 will receive 2 ‘lottery tickets’ and thus an extra chance at winning!

Sharing, of course, is always nice. Even when you're not able to donate.

So do the visuals, story and our motivation appeal to you? Would you like to see more films like this? Support From the Snow-Covered Hill and we’ll be able to all watch it together in 2017!

PS. Definitely leave behind your feedback and questions. We’re eager to hear what you think of our project! For little updates, you can check out:


- Matty & Wijnand


De motivatie van bkkc bij dit project:
Animatiestudio Matte! Nande? uit Eindhoven gaat een prachtige 2D animatie met handgeschilderde achtergronden maken. De tijd en energie die hierin gaat zitten is enorm. En kost dus geld. Daarom is crowdfunding voor hen een perfecte manier om het publiek bij het maakproces te betrekken. De steun van bkkc hebben ze vast.

Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

The style of storytelling and drawing will display our European roots, while also hinting to American classics and studio Ghibli magic. All with a dark twist.
Matte! Nande?
This project was successfully funded on 10-10-2016

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