RR Update #3 - New Press Release is sent!

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Hey guys! 

First things first: Thanks to your support we have made it to the first third of our goal. That is already incredible! Nevertheless, we are not quite there yet. We need to reach our goal within the next 11 days in order to receive the funds and to start with post-production.

It may sound like time is running out but due to the work we have done in the last week we are still optimistic that, together with you, we can make it to the finish line. 

  • Applications for the VSB fund, the Open Society Foundations and for WIJDOENMENUU.NU are complete and are currently being processed. We'll keep you updated about the results.
  • Next week we will hold two massive fundraisers at our university, where we will share some of our captured stories with the audience.

Most importantly, we just got done sending out an updated Press Kit to a variety of news stations to further increase public attention. Check it out below!

However, this campaign still needs every single one of you. Before the end on October 10th, please share this cause one more time with your friends and families and via your social networks. 

Thank you for believing in Refugee Roads. Together we can make this campaign a success!

Just the best,

Timo & Florian



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