Rooted Nomad

Rooted Nomad
A Documentary by Emma Sidlauskas & Michelle Van der Plas
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About the project
LOCKLINEAlowieke, a rooted nomad based in Friesland, searches for a new truth in life as her independent nature driven lifestyle had healed her grief.


Alowieke tends to her tiny home, herself and nature. Her life was thrown into a state of flux when her husband passed away in 2002. She walked with her homemade home on wheels across Friesland and eventually her mindful lifestyle healed her to a place of newfound rooted peace. With the foregrounding of mature womanhood, and the independence she embraces, we will try to offer the confidence for anyone to change their life at any stage.


We want to make this documentary because of the encouraging message it grants the viewer, one rooted in the earth. We are not looking to be stuck in the time loop of the morning commute and the righteous 9 to 5. When we met Alowieke, the prospect of self-sufficiency in nature filled a hole in us, one that most young people have in regards to the unstable future ahead of us. A new perspective amongst long grass and ladybugs is what is needed today.

Help us!

We need your help to help bring this unique kind of life and love to fruition on the screen. With better camera equipment and an original music composition we want to imitate the atmosphere and tone of this important patch of land in Friesland. Authenticity is built in the moment so we will be living her lifestyle for the shoot to encourage ourselves to deepen our own understanding of what we are making.

Quote that inspired the maker

“Because he passed away, he gave me the knowledge and self-confidence. Actually, he's sitting in the background now, as my biggest fan, watching what I'm doing now."
This project was successfully funded on 28-11-2021

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