Reward in the picture: Ticking Away flip book

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We've reached 55% of our goal last night. But there is still some way to go! So let's have closer look at one of our rewards: the Ticking Away Flipbook.

Flipbooks are a rudimentary form of animation and most of us have made our own at some point in our childhood. But flipbooks are also collectables and when supporting the Ticking Away Crowdfunding campaign you can obtain a unique flipbook so you can “play” a small piece of our film over and over again.  

The flipbook is part of any reward from 50 euro onwards.

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afbeelding van Brandon

Reward in the picture is the title here. He shared 7 dollar essay reviews with us. Below it there is nothing that could make people any sense, so it would be really great if anyone of you explain it a little bit so we all could understand what it is all about. We can learn through this a lot.