Refugee Roads

Refugee Roads
A Documentary by Timo Schmidt & Florian Volz
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About the project
LOCKLINETwo bikes, nine borders, across one continent. A road documentary that captures the perils of fleeing to Europe, telling stories of the Refugee Road.

Between closed borders
In 2015, reports on the refugee 'crisis' dominated various media channels. This raised questions about the political, humanitarian and legal responsibility on behalf of Europe and its citizens in meeting the challenges that come along with it. One year later, in summer 2016, we make our way across the continent by bicycle to find out whether these questions have been answered. Media reports have decreased, fences have been built, and the Balkan route is formally closed. However, as we soon discover, the fates of those still stuck in-between closed borders have not disappeared. 

Documenting the Refugee Road
In exploring the Refugee Road we don't act as the 'auteur' of this documentary, rather we are capturing the everyday struggle, failures and successes during our daily encounters. Those in front of our camera give this project direction with the ultimate result of a continous narrative. The bicycle as our means of transportation serves as a unique way of conveying the experience of 'travel' and 'road'. Instead of discussing point A and point B, we focus on the journey in-between and highlight what it means to travel long distances overcoming geographic and mental boundaries . In doing so, this film challenges fixed notions of national identity and explores bureaucratic practices in the face of transnational consciousness.



Why crowdfunding?
We have weeks worth of material slumbering on our external hard drives that is ready to be edited so we can show it to as many viewers as possible. In order to undertake the bicycle journey and get the material in the first place we used our own money, next to a few generous donations by our friends and family. However, we have come to a point where our own financial resources reached its limits (mind that we are students after all). 

With your support we can put together a professional post-production team and pool in the resources necessary to send the documentary to international film festivals, and the DVD to your home. Let's make this campaign a success together, so you can follow us along the Refugee Road!

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Quote that inspired the maker

“I move, therefore I am.”
Haruki Murakami
This project was successfully funded on 10-10-2016

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